Bits – Spring is back again

March 30, 2012

Well I guess our brief spell of midsummer weather is over.

Temperatures above 85 degrees in mid-March? I mean really! You know that was just too good to be true – or to last very long. It was just a fluke following a really strange long lasting fall and an unusually short winter season.

It sure was nice weather for the Irish Festival though. It has been a long, long time since I took bed race and parade pictures without my winter coat and gloves on… I think people will be talking about that weekend for a few years.

The cooler, more normal springtime weather, still a bit above normal for this time of year, is back again. In fact we had a little frost the other night, just enough to destroy all the blooms on that crazy magnolia tree of ours. Those blooms hadn’t completely opened yet, but they were really close this time.

If they had made it all the way, that would have been the third or fourth time since we planted the tree around 15 years ago. When it does bloom it is georgeous.

Most years, it freezes before the buds can even open.

I don’t think I will be lacking for flowers and green growing things this year though. The tulips and crocus are peeking up through the green and just today, I went out and cut some chives to add to our spaghetti sauce and salads for lunch, which is our main meal of the day.

It kind of makes you want to get started on the spring clean up out there and make plans at least to plant some flowers, although I am afraid it may still be a bit soon for the actual planting. I may even plant a small garden this year!

I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one getting the urge to work on the yard. I’ve seen several yards that have already been mowed and lots of flowers blooming in town already. I don’t know why but things are always a week behind out here on the Tobacco.

Still, Jack will probably be getting the mower out this weekend for the season. The grass is growing like mad and our flowering crab trees and the lilac bushes are getting ready to bloom.

That’s always a special time of year because coming home to that aroma is simply heaven. I wish I could bottle it.

Of course all the aromas around the house aren’t beautiful enough to bottle. Unfortunately we have had one of those cute little nocturnal black and white “kitties” ( a skunk) decide that our deck is a great place to sleep under during the daylight hours. One whiff when you step out into the porch and you will “catch my drift” for sure. Now we just have to figure out how to discourage him or her from taking up a permanent residence and raising a family.

Anybody know any sure fire ways to evict the little rascal?

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