Bits – Summer is winding down

August 20, 2012

The countdown is on. School starts again in just over two weeks!

You know what that means… with the arrival of another Labor Day, summer will be over again.

Now you know the Maurer calendar isn’t quite the same as the ones we hang up on the wall, or you should if you have read my columns over the years.

I happen to think my version is the most accurate. After all doesn’t all the summer fun begin on Memorial weekend and end with Labor Day? Nice weather after that is a real gift, and you know it can snow any time after October 1.

This year the holiday really will be the end of the camping season for us. We will be closing it up pretty soon and winterizing it for another year – a bit earlier than usual as Jack will be having surgery just three weeks later and (he says) we have lots to do around here before he is incapacitated for three whole months. He is having the first of two hip replacements next month – (the second will be next year) – difficult to go through of course, but hopefully a real relief for him once it is healed. Each year it has been harder and harder for him to get around on those deteriorating joints.

After all the spirit is more than willing, but the body just isn’t keeping up anymore.

It should be quite interesting around with both of us at home all of the time…I will let you know how that works out.

Anyway for a couple more weeks it is still summertime – a much nicer summertime since the temperature is now closer to 70 degrees than 90. It has been warm and sunny and we have gotten some much needed rain, so the grass is green and growing again and it smells great out there.

I understand the local gardens haven’t done as well this year, but I’m still seeing some very inviting stuff at the farm stands and markets. This time of year, we eat as much fresh-picked stuff as we possibly can, including fruit and fresh vegetables with nearly every meal.

With the middle of August past already, the school shopping is in full swing. In fact just Monday, I got a call from daughter Lisa – “Mom you have to go with me to buy school clothes for the girls!” So I went.

Alea is now 13 and Alison is ten. Man do I remember those days. That’s when I knew for sure that all of my fashion sense had gone right out the window. I can’t remember all the times I heard the words, “Mom that is sooo ugly!”

Lisa’s girls aren’t quite there – not with Mom at least, who they think still knows what looks great, although the things I thought were absolutely adorable and showed to them just brought “the look.”

We had a pretty good time though, ate out both for lunch and dinner and came home late Monday evening, tired out, with loads of bags and some very sore feet…

What she still has to find, I will leave up to Lisa, I’ve done my bit for this year!

Two weeks from Tuesday (I think) they will don some brand new clothes including bangles and bracelets and be off to school for another year. One is just starting in middle school and the other winding it up.

They are the last of the grandkids that are still in public school, since Mandy graduated last June. Seems like I just wrote a column about her starting…

The days, weeks, months and years sure go by fast.

In about one more month, I’m sure we will start seeing fall colors here and there as the seasons begin to change again.

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