Buenos Dias!

June 15, 2012

Like most of you, I’m a mix of Liberal and Conservative. Mostly Conservative since I think they’re right on issues more than Liberals. I’ve found that if you want to figure out what Liberals think on any issue you have to imagine what a 22 year old college student thinks would freak out their dad. Whatever it is, that’s the Liberal position.

I still marvel at TV commercials for Michigan Casinos. The people shown are young, beautiful, laughing and having a lot of fun gambling…make that “gaming.” Gambling is so downscale, don’t you think? When you go to a casino all you see is old, poorly dressed people with oxygen tanks who, if they’re having fun, hide it well. Wheelchairs, cigarettes, boredom and gray hair are the reality. Not youth, beauty, and fun.

I gave up trying to find local news on Northern Michigan TV. Car dealer ads, weather, car accidents and party store holdups. That’s about it. It’s like the Mount Pleasant Morning Sun…a daily newspaper trying to stretch 3 days worth of news over a week. Thank God for Clare County, meth labs, and petty crime. They wouldn’t have any front page if it weren’t for us.

Why does Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren still claim to be a Cherokee Indian? A 1/32 Cherokee at that. The Tribe says she isn’t and other than Harvard listing her as a “minority faculty member” there isn’t anything connecting her with the Cherokees. She should just admit she’s white and let it go. It’s not so bad. I’ve been white for years.

Where does the Gay Marriage “issue” come from? Have you ever met someone who thinks it’s important enough to even discuss? Who’s pushing it? Even if you accept Kinsey’s wild guess at about 10% there aren’t enough Gays to generate any real interest. The issue is 0 for 31 when it comes to State votes. What’s keeping it alive? I suspect Hollywood and Broadway.

I’ve been a UAW Cooperating Attorney since 1983. I think I might be their first. We do legal work out here in the boondocks mostly for UAW retirees under their Legal Services Plan. This year we’re out of the contracts with the Little Three.

No more Legal Services after this year. Talk about irony. I’ve been laid off by my union! Maybe they’ll reopen Legal Services after the next contracts. Probably in Mexico.

The United States has literally thousands of nuclear weapons. We have residual wars in two different places with Syria, Iran and North Korea waiting in the wings. We’re in a recession; unemployment is between 8.2 and 15% depending on how you measure it. Obama wants to do more of what he’s done for the last 3 ½ years…borrow more, spend more, grow government, and “raise revenues” i.e.: taxes. Romney wants to spend less, encourage business, cut taxes and repeal the regulations that the EPA has generated by the thousands of pages. He also wants to abolish Obamacare, perhaps the most unpopular piece of legislation ever passed. After 3 years it has 38% approval. Which brings us to…..wait for it….. Miss USA. When asked on television out of 11 candidates only 5 could name the Vice President. When 7 were asked what color the “waves of grain” were in the song America, 3 got it right. They’re all voters who will help choose the path this, the world’s greatest and most heavily armed democracy, will take. That’s more depressing than NPR music.

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One Response to Buenos Dias!

  1. drsuess

    June 16, 2012 at 3:48 am

    Ah Dicky my boy you really put your foot in it this time. “Where does the Gay Marriage “issue” come from? Have you ever met someone who thinks it’s important enough to even discuss?”. Yes, I have met people who think it’s important enough to discuss. How about the people that would like to have health insurance, but due to the government not recognizing same sex marriage they have to do without. You are truly a bigoted individual. How can you sit in your chair and write this drivel? Also, you say “issue” like it’s not important, yet it is to many Americans. Remember Mr. Conservative, people are still free in this country. That freedom is inclusive of loving whoever they want. The fact that the government thinks it needs to control a bond and union between two people that love each other is absurd, however, people that think like you keep the “issue” at the government level, where it honestly doesn’t need to be. Grow up Mr. Allen, we aren’t in the 1950’s anymore.