Car accident makes me rethink life

July 27, 2017

I‘m beginning to believe I lead a charmed life. The man upstairs has been good to me throughout my life and nowhere was it more evident than yesterday afternoon driving on the freeway to pick my wife up at the airport.

Mike Wilcox Editor/Publisher

Mike Wilcox

It was a sunny, hot day with nary a cloud in the sky. I was driving my two-seater sports car when all of a sudden, we were driving under a cloud that poured a monsoon from the skies. I mean it was a torrential rain like none other.

I felt my sports car get loose. The wide tires were not in agreement with the wet pavement. Like the Brickyard 400 crashes a day earlier, my car began to veer towards the vehicle to my right. I tried to make an adjustment, but the car now had a mind of its own. There I was on a busy freeway spinning out of control, the car doing three 360 degree rotations.

I was relieved that I didn’t clip the car next to me. Somehow he saw my plight and sped up to avoid me. Dozens of cars behind me veered to the left or right to escape a collision. I was so happy no one was looking down at their cellphone, for surely they would have clipped me.

My life flashed in front of me. I prayed. As a semi-truck bore down on me, I somehow managed to coax the car into the guardrail. I hit it hard, and my head whipped backwards. I was in a daze but still somewhat coherent. Several drivers pulled over to see that I was all right.

Amazingly I was. The car damage was limited to the driver’s door and the rear driver’s side panel. The car was drivable. Still in a daze all I could think about was getting to the airport and retrieving my wife. Partially because I had never experienced a crash, and partially because I was dazed I got back on to the freeway and drove to the airport.

It occurred to me as I’m driving I should have called the police. After all, I needed a report to get insurance to pay for the damage. Thus on the way home, we stopped at an exit near where the accident happened and called the local police. I went to the trusty cellphone, and dialed the number Google had provided. Unbelievably the number was out of service.

Since the local police department couldn’t be reached I called the state police, who were very professional in taking my information and dispatching a trooper. The trooper was also professional and very sympathetic. He didn’t even admonish me for leaving the scene of the accident.

Did I tell you I lead a charmed life? I’m so thankful to the good Lord, that the myriad of vehicles traveling at speeds upwards to 85 miles an hour, were able to avoid my tiny sports car. I am so thankful the semi-truck driver that was in my rearview mirror only a 100 yards away was able to slip into the outside lane, and miss me by a few feet. I am so thankful the guardrail stopped my car from flipping in to a ravine and possibly causing further damage to my car and I.

I’m done with sports cars. I’m done with driving over the speed limit. Lessons learned. Thank you dear Lord for looking out for me.

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