Cold, wet, and boring

October 31, 2011

That’s late fall in mid-Michigan. Have you ever tried to watch local TV

News in the morning? By “local” I mean Bay City-Traverse City-Cadillac. Those stations. It’s unwatchable. Car dealer ads, weather and not ready for prime time news people with nothing to report. Every car crash and gas station robbery is breathlessly reported with pictures of State Police cars in the background. Then filler. My conclusion is that nothing happens of any importance north of Mt. Pleasant.


As predicted the Occupy Wall Street stuff has petered out. There’s only so much interest to be wrung from the street people, college students, and stoners sitting in their own excrement in a park. Now it’s just boring. Besides, protesting is a warm weather pastime.


I’d like to see Newt Gingrich get the Republican nomination. He’s smart, articulate, a great debater and knows the inside of government. He’s not going to get it, of course. Romney seems to be the one with the horsepower in this race and will probably come out on top. Get ready to learn more about Mormon underwear than you ever wanted to know.


For Republicans, the nominating process is almost irrelevant. They’re ready to back anyone who can beat Obama. I’ve seen a lot of elections but nothing like this….people practically counting down the days to the election. Of course, I’ve never seen an administration like this either. We’ll see who, in the words of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, “gets there first with the most.”


Israel has a Right of Return law for all Jews who wish to immigrate to the country. It doesn’t extend that law to Palestinians, [4 million of them] who were dispossessed when Israel was formed. Their argument is that to allow a mass migration of Palestinians would destroy their culture and make Jews an ethnic minority in their own country.


I wonder why that argument is never made in the United States. We’re facing a mass migration from South of the border and certainly the existing culture will be radically changed. Maybe we don’t think we even have a culture, or if we do, it’s not worth saving.

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