Color touring

October 7, 2011

Once again last weekend we wandered all around the north country on our annual fall “color tour.”

It was a beautiful trip, totaling about 145 miles north from the camper in Roscommon in a wide circle up through Gaylord and back again.

The color was good but spotty, at least where we went. I think the peak color will be on this weekend or even next weekend for this part of the state.

In fact there’s as much color right here in Clare County as we saw up north in many places. Some of the best color we saw was between Clare and Harrison on Old 27 and on U.S. 127 between Harrison and Higgins Lake on our way north last Friday, and on our way home Monday just south of Houghton Lake on M18. Hoover Road, where the color is usually brightest, hasn’t reached its fall peak yet.

The actual color tour, Saturday’s trip with brother Jim and sister-in-law Ginger, was east on M72 to Luzerne, north on County Road 489 (also called Deeter Road)  to M32, west through Gaylord, south on Old 27, west on County Road 612 to Manistee River Road South and back to Grayling then back to the camper.

Every year we try to find a new route and this was partly new at least. It is getting harder each year to find roads we haven’t been on before although Jack is always looking for a new “short cut” to try out.  We often head north in a roundabout way towards Gaylord, where there always seems to be such beautiful color every year.

County Road 489 north from Luzerne was a new one for us. On that road we saw something unique. Just south of Snyder Lake is the Garland Resort, where a rustic log bridge made especially for golf carts arched over the road. Of course we had to stop for snapshots of that one.

The annual fall trip always includes lots of stops for pictures and this one was no exception. This picture was taken just east of Grayling towards a private road on M72 and was one of the prettiest scenes we found.

Best Color on the tour was north of Luzerne, east of Gaylord and just west of Fredrick in the hills where red, orange, yellow and green painted the landscape.

Of course our trip always includes some good food stops and this trip was no exception. We stopped for a late lunch (or early supper) at the Sugar Bowl in Gaylord, where the food is always excellent and tastes just like homemade.

My favorite treat there is baklava, one of their specialties. In fact I even brought a second piece back for later…

It was Jack’s birthday weekend and color touring is always his choice for favorite things to do. He had a pretty good one this year with dinner out and steaks on Sunday along with his “birthday pies.”

Besides touring all over the north country, we spent quite a bit of time getting the camper ready for winter. It is always a sad time when everything is finally closed up and the vacation season is over again.

All too soon, our last weekend of the summer was over again.

From here on out, I guess we will be “waiting for spring.”

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