176-Year-Old Michigan Church Newest Addition to National Register of Historic Places

September 15, 2017

These are certainly polarizing times in the United States. Racial tensions are extremely high and there have been constant arguments and discussions about whether or not historic monuments should be taken down if they relate to social injustices.

Though that’s an important discussion that needs to be had, there are also plenty of historic monuments that are not controversial at all — and they should be celebrated as much as possible. Since people are so angry nowadays, and justifiably so, it’s important that they are able to find sanctuary in certain historic places and be free from any controversy.

According to M Live, Jackson’s First Congressional Church at North Jackson Street has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

“It is very exciting,” said Rev. Kerry Taylor-Snyder, church pastor. “It’s recognition of the history of the church and what people have done through the years in standing for social justice, peace and harmony.”

This church dates back to the early 1800s, when the Congregational and Presbyterian churches formed a cooperative society to serve the Michigan community.

Certain areas of the country have plenty of historic monuments and sites, but Michigan hasn’t had any new ones added in some time. The McIntosh Historic District, in Florida, for instance, has roughly 68 sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Getting the Jackson Church on the register took years of both hard work and diligent research. Along with their request to be added to the registry, the church sent a 30-page report and still had to wait over six months for a final decision.

In addition to the long wait and the hard work involved, the financial aspect was a burden as well.

“To get a marker, you have to pay for it,” added Taylor-Snyder. “The church does not have the funds for that.”

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