Cake Bandit Finally Gets Her Day in Court, Receives Probation

November 28, 2016

icecreambanditIce cream generally contains more than 50% air after the churning process. However, Tricia Kortes’s cake gained much more air than that after sailing through the bakery department at her local Kroger store.

Oakland County’s notorious cake bandit earned nationwide fame in June after she was accused of drop-kicking her son’s Batman V. Superman birthday cake across the Kroger bakery when the design upset her. Once her story went viral, an enraged ice cream shop employee came forward, claiming Kortes slapped her last year in a fit of rage.

Why? The ice cream shop was out of Kortes’s favorite flavor, Mackinaw Island Fudge.

The ice cream worker came forward only after she recognized Kortes on TV, and never reported the confrontation because she couldn’t give the assailant’s information to the police.

Kortes turned herself into Royal Oak’s police back in August. She was arraigned on assault and battery charges in connection with the June 9, 2015 incident, and on disorderly conduct for drop-kicking the cake in Kroger.

Earlier this week, Kortes showed up in court and was given two-year’s probation and was fined more than $800 in fees — only for the assault charge. She was also given 300 hours of community service to repent for her cake-kicking antics.

On top of that, Judge Derek Meinecke ordered Kortes to stay away from Ray’s Ice Cream Shop, the location of the slap down. She is also required to journal her thoughts and feelings every day from now until her first probation review on January 25.

In her one statement to the court, the cake-kicker simply stated “I am a different person now,” according to CBS Detroit.

The cake bandit ended her day in court with a stern lecture from the judge telling her to keep her temper tantrums in check.

Alas, it looks as if the cake bandit chapter in Michigan dessert history is coming to a final, embarrassing close.

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