Michigan Company Partners with High School Shop Classes

July 6, 2018

Sullair, a Michigan-based company, has announced a partnership to help students in Michigan City Area SChools learn more about industrial equipment repair, servicing, and usage.

According to The Michigan City News-Dispatch, Sullair is an industry leader that’s been around since 1965. As a part of the partnership announcements, Sullair will be donating a ShopTek Industrial Air Compressor to Michigan City High School. Jack Carlson, president and CEO of Sullair, spoke with the News-Dispatch about this new partnership.

“Sullair has been one of the top employers in the community for years,” Carlson said. “With this donation, we look to provide opportunities to the workforce of the future. We are excited that students in our company’s hometown will learn the ins and outs of compressor operations.”

The Michigan City Area School said in a press release that during the summer, shop instructors will be educated and trained on the operation, repair, and troubleshooting of the compressors. Starting with the fall semester, compressor training will be included in the shop curriculum at Michigan City High School.

As a part of the new program, called Air Compressor Academy, students will learn the ins and outs of air compressors. They will learn about things including what to do if your compressor is experiencing pressure loss. For example, if pressure loss is greater than 10%, evaluate your distribution system and identify areas causing excessive pressure drops. Every two pounds-per-square-inch decrease in compressor pressure will reduce your operating costs by 1.5%.

The ultimate goal of this program is to arm students with the proper skills that will prepare them for the workplace. They will obtain the hands-on experience and valuable skills that will hopefully one day get them a job right in Michigan City.

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