University Of Michigan’s Online MBA Ranked A Top Virtual Program

January 21, 2020

Forbes has named the University of Michigan Ross School of Business’ online MBA one of the top online programs in the United States. The top business programs in the country for 2020 were recently ranked by U.S. News.

But John Byrne, a contributing writer for Forbes, says that some MBA programs that didn’t make the list are just as good or even better than those that did. Among those programs is U-M’s brand new online MBA program.

“[Some] of these programs are so new they don’t really qualify for the ranking,” said Byrne. “[Other programs don’t qualify] because some business schools refuse to submit to the rankings game. In any case, these big brand options are among the best online programs in the world.”

U-M’s new MBA offers a prestigious education online

The University of Michigan is the highest-ranked public university in the U.S. and has the highest-ranked full-time MBA program of any school with an online option. The college’s online MBA just recently launched in fall 2019 with a class of 72 online students currently working for a wide variety of organizations including Google, Disney, Boston Consulting Group, Comcast, JPMorgan Chase, Nielsen, Yelp, Exxon Mobil, KPMG, Unilever, the U.S. Postal Service, and more.

Compared to other online programs, U-M’s online MBA is considerably pricey. For state residents, the program is $116,000 and $126,000 for non-residents. For comparison, the University of Illinois’ online MBA is $22,000.

However, U-M’s online MBA is still cheaper than its full-time MBA, which is $132,096 for Michigan residents and $142,096 for non-residents.

“[The program] doesn’t come cheap,” said Byrne. “But the quality of the program is world-class.”

The new online MBA features three on-campus residencies and intensive four-day simulations on topics of business innovation, transformation, and leadership. Online classes are live and take place during the evening. Online students participate in live lectures, self-guided modules, exercises, readings, and Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP).

U-M’s online MBA could boost state economy

Michigan’s economy has been doing well in the last decade and is expected to keep improving in the business sector in 2020. With U-M’s new online MBA making a world-class business education available to working Michiganders, the state economy could potentially see further improvements in the next few years.

In November 2019, Michigan was ranked in the Tax Foundation’s 2020 State Business Tax Climate Index as one of the top states for doing business.

“The business environment we have created here in Michigan, including a favorable tax climate, provides a recipe for success as companies are looking to expand their operations here in the state,” said Josh Hundt, MEDC’s Executive Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer.

“From a competitive cost of doing business,” said Hundt, “to a high quality of life that still costs 10% less than the national average, Michigan is making a compelling case for growth.”

While 72% of businesses say that improving customer experience is their top priority, many businesses still need a relatively favorable tax climate and quality area to do business in. In fact, this is one of the reasons why pop-up shops have been gaining more attention from small businesses lately with a current market value of $50 billion.

Michigan’s economy could give a boost to graduates

Michigan’s growing economy and relatively low housing costs make the state a promising place for U-M MBA graduates to stay and make an impact. There are currently 400 million entrepreneurs operating worldwide, and Southeast Michigan is home to 227 entrepreneur support organizations.

U-M MBA graduates wouldn’t have to sweat as much over today’s job market, either. Dress codes are easing up in many American businesses and tattoos aren’t considered job killers anymore despite 76% of survey respondents being concerned that they are.

Michigan’s business climate has also been picking up recently. Michigan rose two spots in Site Selection’s 2019 Business Climate Rankings and seven spots on the Executive Survey.

The state has also been improving its data center efficiency to meet future computational demand. Currently, up to 80% of data centers employ hot/cold aisle containment systems with a 50% open area for optimum airflow.

Ryan Rosett, the founder of small business lender Credibly, says that Michigan is ideal for starting a business because of the high level of education in the state’s labor pool, the state’s fair laws, and its low rental rates. “Michigan has an awesome workforce,” he said.

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