Volunteers and Nonprofits Awarded at Ceremony

March 30, 2017

volunteer-2055043_960_720Just recently, Mid Michigan Community Action celebrated its 50th annual award ceremony. Over 200 people, including the likes of staff, individuals representing businesses, and local officials, joined in to celebrate the work done by nonprofits, volunteers, and community members.

The executive director of Mid Michigan, Jill Sutton, said, “To see our hard work result in significant life improvements for so many people is an incredibly rewarding experience.That spirit is at the core of this year’s event. As we mark 50 years of helping people and changing lives, we honor customers who are now thriving, volunteers who gave so much of themselves and community partners who have helped expand our reach.”

In 2016 alone, over 47,000 hours were given to the agency by people from Osceola, Gladwin, Mecosta, Bay, Midland, and Clare counties. Organizations and individuals alike were recognized for their generosity.

To name a few, Ron Cooper and Blake Beatty of Clare County and Amanda Merrill of Midland County were honored for their dedication to food programs, cleaning services for schools, and advocating for young children, respectfully.

Amanda Merrill is quoted as saying, “Receiving a valuable volunteer award from Mid Michigan was a proud moment for me. It is an amazing organization and I am thankful for the opportunity to advocate for a cause I believe so deeply in through the agency.”

Mid Michigan is a large organization and it has the potential to reach even wider. Reports say that 52% of people worldwide would make purchases if packaging showed a positive and environmental impact.

If Mid Michigan continues to market itself well, it can see itself gaining even more volunteer hours in the upcoming year. They continuously strive to make their community a better place however they can, and every volunteer counts for something. They have been going strong for 50 years already, so if they continue on this path, it’s likely they will be around for at least 50 more.

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