Daisy’s loose-again

June 8, 2012

Well the Harrison Lions Clubs’ mascot, Daisy, got out of her cage again and headed for, you guessed it, Budd Lake. This makes the second time

Daisy has gotten loose and caused problems. Daisy is a 12’ American alligator that has been a mascot for the Lions since 1998. She was brought to Harrison by Ronald “stumpy” Rollins who had captured her near Fort Meyers, Florida. Stumpy, who got his name after an unfortunate encounter with a snapping turtle, brought her back and presented her to the Lions Club where she has delighted children and club members every since. “We always start meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance,” said Bud Weaver, this years President. “Daisy holds her little claw up in the air just like she was saluting.”

A few years ago, when Daisy was a mere 5’ long, she escaped and made it to Budd Lake causing a considerable stir amongst DNR and law enforcement personnel. After reports, later proven erroneous, that she had eaten then Undersheriff Rick Miller, she was captured after devouring the seats in a 17’ Lund Sportsman bass boat.

“She’s really a sweetheart,” said Weaver, “but she is an adult alligator. Unless she knows you, I wouldn’t approach too closely. Remember that bass boat.”

The Department of Natural Resources has issued a warning for Budd Lake and the surrounding area. Parents are advised to watch children closely and to keep pets at least 20 feet from the shore. Owners of Lund boats are advised to place them on trailers and store them in their driveways.  Fishermen should not leave stringers of fish in the water where they might attract Daisy’s attention.

Lions Club members are hopeful that Daisy will be captured in time for the 4th of July parade. “She’s always been a crowd pleaser, especially when we put those red, white, and blue LED lights down her tail,” said Weaver.

Anyone who sees Daisy shouldn’t attempt to capture her. You should immediately call Sherriff Wilson at the Clare County Sheriffs Department. “We’ve got a Deputy that’s running against me in the election we’ll send over to capture her,” said Wilson, with a smile. “We’ll send Stumpy to help him.”

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