Don’t do meth

January 19, 2012

I was really happy to hear about the meth lab bust in Harrison last week. Happy because, in this writer’s opinion methamphetamine has rapidly become the drug of choice amongst the under-30 crowd in Clare County, and it is very very dangerous.

Meth or crystal meth, as some call it, is a white, odorless bitter-tasting crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol and is swallowed, snorted or smoked. Professionally produced methamphetamine is prescribed by doctors, but the meth our kids partake is usually concocted in homemade environments like the Harrison lab that was busted last week.

Like all stimulants, meth offers increased wakefulness, increased physical activity, and a decreased appetite. Much like a cocaine high, meth makes us feel good. Partakers need very little sleep and don’t have much of an appetite. One friend said one of the persons arrested at the Harrison meth lab had lost 60-70 pounds in 4-6 months because he was doing meth and not eating.

The problem, however, is meth is extremely addictive. I know at least one person who‘s life has literally been destroyed by this drug. Long term useage creates many problems. We’ve all heard the term “meth mouth.” It originated because meth will literally eat away at your teeth, eventually destroying them.  Beyond the weight loss and dental problems, meth also causes anxiety, insomnia, severe mood swings and violent behavior. More importantly, however, is it sometimes causes your heart to race and your blood pressure to rise, causing a stroke.

In other words it’s not a drug to mess with. Yet, many of our teenagers and young adults are doing just that, because it appears to be very easily attainable and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

It doesn’t cost an arm and leg, because it’s fairly easy to manufacture in your own backyard or in a room in your house. Ingredients include Drano, lighter fluid, battery acid, ammonia and Freon, to name a few, and can be purchased at many stores.

Personally I can’t imagine ingesting these ingredients in my body. Battery acid? Freon? To me that’s completely crazy.

Now that the Bischoff Street meth lab and a related one in Mecosta County have been shut down, meth will be a little harder to find, and more expensive to purchase. However, the police still have more work to do.

I am told there are still a few homemade labs existing in Clare County.  I haven’t the slightest clue where they are located. And I am also told some pushers are buying large amounts from downstate and selling it up here.

It is my sincere hope that law enforcement continues to crackdown on this addictive drug and takes no pity on those that are manufacturing and selling it. We need to end the “meth craze” in Clare County once and for all.

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