Facebook exposes bad spelling, grammar

March 9, 2012

As many of you know, I am on Facebook several hours a day. We post breaking stories there. We provide information on many events. It’s a great venue in which to spread information. Its also a great place to find out what’s going on in the community- that is if you can decipher the spelling and grammatical errors.

I’m actually appalled at how many Facebook users would flunk a spelling test for 3rd graders. I harken back to when I was in school. English, grammar and spelling were pounded into my brain each and every school day for several years. I can’t help but think those important lessons have been left behind in the modern classroom.

Here’s a sampling of Facebook postings I found in the last few hours:

-Mehn I gbadu ur combi….What the heck does this mean?

-W/sisters and our aunt waiting for mom to come out of the heart cath…God b guidin.

-Her boyfriend is the valendictorian and he like I think 80% scholarship there. This is a huge scholarship esp since he is in an 8 year program. Wow, hopefully the kid can spell better than the adult. I  can’t imagine anyone being awarded a scholarship with a spelling handicap like this.

-Argh zip code typp 48617. Oh no.

-Masterbation makes you sleep better.

-Your RIanbow lives on. Here is what her favorite ssaying was…huray, huray.

-They put my ad back inth hospital again, alittle fluid around the heart and lungs. Send a little prayer and though out to him. Please in thanks.

-I’m guna have to stop by some time. I stoped ny denvers moms today. Bullshited wit juice for a few. I’ll fry to stop by this weekend.

-So I got a new phone and no numbers im going crazyyy not texing so mess me numbers.

-Plz keep.us updated. I’m.praying I find it funny none heard or seen nothing.

-my ash need this one, I hope she reed it.

I’m thinking about offering a course in Facebook spelling and grammar. Heck the cops can sell doughnuts and coffee, maybe I could make a killing  teaching proper English. Then again, does anyone care, but I? Probably not. It’s probably best that I whine about taxes and gas prices and leave trivial pursuits like poor spelling to our elementary teachers.

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One Response to Facebook exposes bad spelling, grammar

  1. tamishreve

    March 16, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    I’m guilty! But I’m going to blame my “smartphone” for finishing words for me.