Give me a break!

March 27, 2014

RayAugustienWe have been reading in the newspapers and watching on T.V. news channels concerning the states that legalize same sex marriages. Once again the wishes of the people are ignored just so a group of self-indulging individuals can have their own way.

I usually try to stay away from certain topics but this is a case where I feel I must make my voice heard.  I’m talking about those who have pushed their way through the courts to legalize Gay and Lesbian marriages.  Not only are they ignoring the voice of the majority, which voted to not have same sex marriages, but have enlisted the help of lawyers and judges, who I suspect have a propensity for such a life style, to assist in foisting their  wishes upon the general public.

Why did they even put it on the ballot just so some incompetent Judge, could give a ruling contrary to the wishes of the majority of the people?  The majority doesn’t matter anymore.  We might as well give up our voting process, and just let whoever hollers the loudest make all the decisions for our country.

Let the Illegal Immigrants stage their marches, demand all the benefits to the legal residences, and some judges, and congress people cave into their demands.  Let Anti-gun advocates scream against our constitutional rights to bear arms and they restrict the rights of the citizen.   Janet Reno said. “Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms is the Goal”.

I don’t agree with same sex marriage, I think that marriage between two people of the same sex is totally wrong, When God created man, He created male and female. He didn’t create two males or two females to replenish the earth. We have had homosexuals as long as time has existed. I don’t believe that anything we can do will change that. However, I don’t think they should be imposing their lifestyle on other people.

They have become so vocal, and so bold in forwarding their agenda that a normal lifestyle has taken a backseat to it. If two people want to live together, that’s their prerogative, I don’t care if they are male and female, or 2 males or 2 females. What I don’t like is them flaunting their lifestyle in front of our faces like we are the ones in error.

If they want to live a homosexual lifestyle that’s up to them. I don’t like them walking around bragging and glorifying it. You don’t see us going into court, on television, or demonstrating in the streets to brag about our heterosexual sexual lifestyle.

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One Response to Give me a break!

  1. Dr Gail Schepperley Reply

    April 2, 2014 at 4:03 am

    This column is terribly unfair to LGBT people. I am sorry that Mr Augenstein is so very upset by people wanting to have the right to marry one of the same sex/gender. It is hard to grow up and live in a culture that is homophobic and not develop the attitude he expresses in this column, I understand where he is coming from; but I totally disagree with him. He is talking about our brothers and sisters, daughters, sons and friends….they want the right to marry whom they love, just as Mr Augenstein has that right. This is a civil rights issue, and it does not impose anything on others. I see no ‘bragging or glorifying’, simply people deeply committed to overcoming a wrong and fighting to have the rights that most of us (heterosexuals) have long enjoyed and taken for granted. It wasn’t so long ago that other civil rights issues were causing upheaval in our land, and those fighting for their civil rights also had to struggle against the majority of voters that had supported unfair laws and social structures. And before that, women had to fight for 100 years to achieve the right to vote (and back in that day there were many men who felt that was against the will of God,too…)! Sometimes civil rights trump the will of the majority in our nation, that is an important part of our heritage. I felt moved to reply to this article because LGBT people deserve to be given the same rights as everyone else. I was sad when I read Mr Augenstein’s homophobic column in our local newspaper. But, I am encouraged by the way that attitudes are changing among younger Americans, even if some of the older people have a hard time with change!

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