Golf Tips

April 25, 2019

By Thom Slusher
Clare County’s PGA Pro

Home runs in baseball are fun! When we think of the great home run hitters the names Ruth, Sosa, Mc Guire, Aaron, and Bonds come to mind. Another commonality was found among these players: they struck out – alot. As golfers it is also fun to hit those long drives. Not so fun to strike out.

Thom Slusher

To play your best golf you need to learn to swing within yourself and not swing for the fence everytime. I recently had a student that admitted that she swung so hard that she fell out of her bra. You are swinging too hard if your bra or any other undergarments are falling off. So how hard is too hard? That is a hard question but I think it is best answered by saying that you cannot swing too fast. There is a definitive difference between swinging hard and swinging fast. Try this to feel and hear the difference. Turn your driver upside down so that you are gripping it near the clubhead. Now take some swings thinking of swinging hard. Think of slugging a baseball or chopping at a tree. Take note of the sound the grip end is making during the swings. Then change your swing to try to make the grip end make as much sounds as possible. Less slug and shoulder and more speed and hands. The latter is the feel of speed and what you want to do in your swing. Finesse not force. Speed not power. Fast not hard. Next time out hit some singles up the middle and leave the swing for the fences to the scrambles.

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