Golf Tips – Missed Alarms

May 9, 2019

By Thom Slusher
Clare County’s PGA Pro

Waking up at 8 am when the alarm was set for 7 am is a bad feeling. It sets the morning into a chaotic rush and usually sets the tone for the day. Certain patterns in your golf shots can also be alarms that you need some prompt action. Here are a few problems that should set off the alarm button.

The Shank – The shank is probably the most frustrating of all golf maladies especially considering one can belt a 300 yard drive and then shank the next shot and still make a high number for the hole. Shanks are caused when the shot hits on the hosel of the club. The shot will either not get airborne or will go dead sideways to where you are aiming. The fix is found in understanding what causes the shot and understanding your arms and hands are most likely getting farther away from your body in the downswing. A great drill if facing this is to set up to two balls at the same time. One ball should be in your normal ball position and the other should be closer to you with enough space between the balls so you can hit one without hitting the other. Address the ball where it normally is, take a 3/4 swing, and then hit the ball inside of the other. This drill helps you feel your arms staying close to your body on your downswing and is sometimes all it takes to eliminate this problem.

Weak Fade – I see players sometimes have very normal looking swings that hit shots that fly well to their right (right handers) and go far shorter than average. These players might be hitting a 7 irons when others are hitting a wedge. Sometimes the above problem is the culprit but many still hit the ball on the club face and get this result. The fix is found in allowing your forearms and wrists to roll with your body. Grip your club and hold it straight out like a baseball bat instead of taking your golf posture. Take some swings back and forth and you will notice how your forearms will roll through just like when you are swinging a bat. Now get into your normal posture and keep feeling this roll or release of the forearms. Try hitting some balls. There is a good chance this might be your fix if you have been hitting the weak fade.

The Yip – Missing shorts putts is not fun. It can be frustrating and demoralizing. The fix for these are usually found in the fundamentals. Look at last weeks putting refresher for the fundamentals. Sometimes this shot can go beyond the fundamentals. If this is the case, try looking at the hole while hitting these putts. It gives you a different perspective that can sometimes eliminate yips.

The positive is that you are not going to miss work if you miss these alarms and there is still plenty of time to get your day going right. Problems like the ones above can be frustrating but take comfort in the fact that there exists a fix to them all. Contact your local PGA Professional for more help on fixing your ailments.

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