Golf Tips – Positive Posture

April 11, 2019

By Thom Slusher
Clare County’s PGA Pro

In order to hit consistent and solid shots we need to make consistent body motions. A major hindrance to this consistency is caused by “standing up” out of the shot or losing our posture. At address we set up with a posture that is designed for making a powerful athletic motion. Ideally we stay in this same posture until after the club has made contact with the ball. After contact our body must release to a standing position to take pressure off the back. If the body stands up/releases before contact is made many bad things can happen including shanks, tops, and slices.

I have a couple drills I like to use with my students to help them feel the body keeping its posture. The first is called the hug drill. The students cross their arms and get into their address position. I have them take swings feeling how the upper body turns back and through while retaining their posture. Another drill I use is to set a chair against the backside of the student while they are taking their address. The goal is for them to try to hit shots while they are still touching the chair. If they stand up during the shot they will pull far away from the chair.

If your ball striking has been erratic, your posture may be the culprit. Try employing these drills for better contact and more consistency.

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