Golf Tips – Who Needs Golf?

April 4, 2019

By Thom Slusher
Clare County’s PGA Pro

I consider it important as a PGA professional to help promote the game.  Golf often is considered a game for the rich, excludes minorities, and takes too long to learn.  Our Presidents get criticized for playing.  Mark Twain called it a “good walk spoiled”.  So why play?  Who needs it?  I think you do.

The mental and physical benefits are a great reason to play golf.  We all need an “out”. A way to get away 4-6-19 Thom picfrom the office cubicle, the stress of home life, or whatever brain congestion we face.  Golf provides a getaway to nature.  Play a fun game and enjoy green grass, majestic trees, and warm sunshine.  It is a win-win.  The game also provides exercise without us thinking much about it. Walking  nine holes burns about 500 calories.  We all know the benefits of exercise.  Why not have a little fun while in the process?

There is a unique social aspect to golf.  Golf companions often form a special bond.  You can get to know each other while playing and in most cases encourage one another along the way.  Spouses get to spend quality time together.  An opportunity to discuss life away from its normal demands.  It can be an activity the family can do together. It was my thing to do with my Dad and we still are playing 40 years after my first nine holes.

Often I hear people say the game is too hard to learn or takes too long to learn.  They went to play with a friend and were embarrassed by not knowing proper etiquette or the number of strokes it took.  The PGA addressed this as an organization by creating programs that teach individuals in a group setting the basics of the game in a short period of time.  The program entitled Get Golf Ready has had 1,000’s of participants.  This will be the fifth year I have offered the program.  I offer it to adults, parents/kids, and juniors.  The goal is to teach students how to play and get them comfortable enough to play upon completion of the class.
I invite you to give golf a try this spring.  It is my hope you get as much enjoyment as I do.

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