Golfing with the Pro – Educational TV

February 27, 2014

By Tom Slusher

The weather is a real downer right now here in Michigan but it doesn’t look too bad on TV in Hawaii and California.

Watching the pros can help your game.  Here are a few things to look for:

Routine – The pros have a very precise routine that they use on every shot.  The routine helps them stay relaxed, focused, and repeat their swings.  Try applying one of these routines to your own game.

Course strategy – One of the most interesting things for me to watch is when the player is having a conversation with their caddy before a shot.  They always choose a very precise target and it is interesting that the target is rarely the flag.  They often play to the center of greens and away from hazards.

Recovery – The news highlights always show the good shots and made putts.  Even players at the top of their game miss greens and find themselves scrambling to save par.  We should find comfort in knowing we don›t have to be perfect to play this game.  If the guys doing it for a living are making mistakes, it stands to reason we might make a few along the way.  Learn to accept bad shots and recover on the next one.

Watching golf this time of year can be educational.  It is also a good time to work on your game.  Grip practice, putting, and workouts seem easier and more enjoyable while watching the pros play.

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