Government of the people–Frustrations

August 23, 2013

Dr. Ray Augenstein

Ray Augustien

Ray Augustien

Have you ever had one of those days?

I was making a trip from my company office back home, a journey of 87 miles, when I noticed that the Gas in my tank was low, and decided to pull into a gas station and fill up. The gas station was also a fast food store, and Taco Bell restaurant.

I was in a hurry because I had to enter some information into my computer at my home office, so it would be available to my new employee. Take notice, I said I was in a hurry. I thought, well this will be just the thing, I’ll fill up my tank, run into the store and get a soda, then back on the road. Remember Murphy’s Law “If anything can go wrong it will.”

I pulled up next to a vacant pump got out and slipped my credit card into the gas pump nothing happened; again I slid my credit card into the gas pump. I waited, then a notice came up, Please see the cashier. I thought no way. I got out another credit card, and swiped that one. Again the notice came up to see the cashier. Now, I know that I have credit on both cards. So in frustration I went into the station.

I observed 2 cashiers behind the counter. 3 people in both lines and in the front of one was a little old, white haired lady.

She was trying to purchase a sandwich she had obtained from the cooler, and was being instructed on how to warm it in the microwave. It seemed she could not comprehend the task. So I moved over to the other line, and got behind 2 other customers.

The first one in that line having completed his transaction. It seemed to be going pretty good, and the line moved fairly quickly, until I stepped up to the counter, then the first cashier call out, “Jen can you help me, my machine is jammed?” My cashier left and went over to the first one: “Miss, can you tell me why my card won’t work at the pump?” I asked. “I’ll be with you in a minute,” She responded.

That minute was the longest one I have ever seen. It took her all of 14 minutes to help the first Cashier, by the time she got back to me, the little old lady with white hair had returned to the counter to pay for her sandwich, and a soda. But did she go to the first cashier where she had started? No. She carne to the one where I was, and Jen asked, “You won’t mind if I take her money first, do you?” How long can that take?

Jen rang up the purchase and told her the price. Finally I thought, I may be able to ask my question, but the little old lady got out her little change purse, and began to count out the coins for her purchase. She counted it several time, and then rooted in her purse for another dime. Jen counted it several times also, before dumping it into the drawer. I counted it several times with them, while watching, and then she had to find a bag for Grandma’s sandwich. By this time my patience was running on low. Frustrated, I asked Jen, “Why won’t my card work?” “The pump told me to see the cashier.” Jen took my card, and swiped it, and declared that it worked fine. I informed her that it didn’t at the pump.

Then she asked what pump I was at. I told her, at which time she informed me that that particular pump was out of order, and they hadn’t had a chance to put a sign on it yet. I turned and walked slowly out to my vehicle, Got into the driver’s seat, drove out of the driveway and proceeded on my journey, hoping that I could make it to my destination, or the next service station whichever came first.

No more quick stops, if I’m in a hurry, because just as sure as the sun will come up in the morning, something will slow me down.

Dr. Raymond Augenstein PhD. Born in Michigan. Served in the US.Navy as a yeoman attached to the CID. Attended Bible college in California after military service. Became Pastor, Evangelist, Gospel recording artist. Continued studies to become a licensed counselor. Earned a Doctorate Degree from The University of Michigan, after retiring from 42 years in the ministry. Formerly Supervisor of Hayes Township.

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