Government of the people– If you want change, you have to vote!

August 30, 2013

Dr. Ray Augenstein

Ray Augustien

Ray Augustien

I have heard so many people complaining about the way the government makes decisions. As Township Supervisor they expected me to change things to their liking, regardless of the fact that some things cannot be changed, just because they want them to be. Some don’t like it because we don’t immediately run out to the area of their complaint and make the changes they demand. There are Ordinances in place, and the board makes it as strong as the Law allows, but we can’t just walk up to a person’s home and arrest them, we have to follow the procedure of Law. You might not like the Clerk or the Supervisor that was elected to their position but you have to live with it, especially if you didn’t care enough to vote. Most of the complaints I have heard, usually come from people who didn’t even vote. I have sat in a restaurant drinking coffee in the morning, with some local philosophers, and heard their complaints about our officials and leaders. I asked them why they voted for them if they didn’t like them. The response was that they didn’t vote. You can’t blame the leaders, who are trying to do a good job, and put forth an effort to represent you, spend your money wisely to provide the services you demand, if you don’t care who is in charge.
It’s time we stopped looking for someone to blame and start looking at ourselves. You may say it’s not your fault, that you didn’t vote for them but the thing is…..You Did. By your inaction, and silence, you voted for whatever was passed by those who did vote. If you wanted something different you should have stepped up to the plate and let them know you don’t agree with them by voting opposite to them.
One of the best clerks Hayes Township has ever had, resigned. Because of an error that was not his fault, the local citizens were up in arms, and they shouted unwarranted accusations concerning stealing or misappropriations. He felt that he could no longer serve in that capacity with the attitude displayed. I have seen the Mob mentality, and it still applies today. The mob says someone has to pay, even if the person who they are targeting is not guilty. It doesn’t make any difference what the circumstances are or the intent. They act without facts or evidence. They just want their piece of flesh and don’t care who it comes from. Many of those who comprise the mob are people who didn’t care enough to vote, get the facts, or try to help.
If we care about our Government, Who leads it and what goes on, we need to take an active part in it.
Get to know your candidates. What is their background? Make an informed decision when you vote, and do vote. Then you have the right to question the decisions and actions of the Official. Attend the Board meetings. Make suggestions. Volunteer to be on the boards and committees. Most of all listen.
Listen to what is being said or proposed. Don’t judge or condemn until you have all the facts. We can have leadership we trust, and can know that it is working to our benefit if we get involved.

Dr. Raymond Augenstein PhD.  Born in Michigan. Served in the US.Navy as a yeoman attached to the CID. Attended Bible college in California after military service. Became Pastor, Evangelist, Gospel recording artist. Continued studies to become a  licensed counselor. Earned a  Doctorate Degree from The University of Michigan, after retiring from 42 years in the ministry. Formerly Supervisor of Hayes Township.

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