Grieving mother wants all to know there is another side to Herron

February 9, 2012

 Eric Herron isn’t a bad guy. Just ask his mother, Donna Herron.

Herron, as most of us know, was arrested for maintaining a meth lab in Harrison three weeks ago. The bust was one of the biggest of its kind in Clare County. He now sits in jail on a $2,000,000 bond.

Donna wants everyone to know there is another side to this sad story.

She says Eric, a star football player for Harrison while in high school, got caught up in the wrong crowd. He had always battled alcoholism, but after losing his job, his truck to the repo man, his house to foreclosure, and his family (his wife recently divorced him-they had three children) he turned to meth.

“He was very depressed and didn’t know how to handle the loss of his family,” explained Mrs. Herron. “Arguments over visitation and properties would soon become unbearable to him.”

She added, “Eric’s friends that he had always been there for now didn’t know how to handle Eric and the depression he was in. Friends stopped coming by or calling. Feeling alone and depressed he would soon find new friends who had a way to help Eric feel better, a way to forget about the pain and depression he felt.”

A friend since childhood, Robert Sims can attest to this. Sims said when Herron hit this low point in his life and became very depressed he notice strange people hanging out at Eric’s house. He observed a complete attitude change. Additionally Herron had lost a lot of weight in a short period of time.

“It was obvious,” said Sims, “that he had fell into a bad crowd and was using drugs.”

Added Sims, “I wish I would have been a better friend and would have been there for him. Eric Herron is not a meth head or a drug dealer; he’s a man that felt he lost everything and resorted to drugs because they made him feel “good. Sadly the drugs eventually took him over and the results are a friend, a husband, and a father behind bars.”

Herron’s story is not unlike many others. We’ve all hit low points in our life, and we all try to overcome them, by changing our attitudes and direction. Herron simply chose the wrong direction and apparently copped a bad attitude.

Many of us resort to alcohol. Herron was already an alcoholic and it wasn’t helping his depression. Thus he chose drugs, and in this case, one of the most dangerous, meth. But he not only took it, but manufactured it, and if you believe some reports, sold and distributed it to several other people in the Harrison area.

That doesn’t mean he’s a “bad guy.” It just means he did “bad” things.

Donna Herron wants everyone to know she is not condoning her son’s behavior and actions. “Our whole family has been hurt by this- and it is a hurt that will not go away.”

She adds, “So while you read all the bad things, remember this is a man who so many have called friend and have counted on through the years. A man who didn’t know how to ask for the help he needed.”

If only Herron had asked. It might have saved three children, an ex-wife and a mother who truly loves him from lots of grief.

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