Holiday’s over, winter’s here again

January 3, 2013

Cold weather, snow flurries, dark at 4:30 p.m.? It must be January again.

Welcome to 2013, hopefully a better and more prosperous year for all of us.

The world didn’t end – who knew the Mayan Calendar was a circle? We must just be starting over again.

The U.S. budget didn’t commit suicide on the “fiscal cliff.” Who made up those buzz words anyway? I want you to know I have got them on my own list of most forgettable stuff for 2012.

For the Maurer clan, the end of ‘12 and the beginning of ‘13 will be remembered as a “viral holiday.” That means that nearly the whole family caught one (a virus that is) and we are all still recovering from various intestinal and respiratory flu bugs.

All except Alea and Ayssa anyway, who seem to be immune from the ravages of these bugs we have been passing around. I don’t think granddaughter Kristina, her significant other Josh or baby Cheryl got sick either. The rest of us weren’t so lucky.

We all seem to be on the mend now though. Jack has a residual cough and stuffy nose, as does son Don, daughter Lisa and son-in-law Terry. Daughter-in-law Micki is starting her own recovery after several days of feeling pretty awful. I went through that too, but am now almost completely recovered. My lasting gift from the “bug” is a stuffy nose and some irritating canker sores inside my cheek and on the side of my tongue.

Grandson Jayson, is the latest “victim.” He just came down with the intestinal version on New Year’s Day while visiting some of the family up at Grayling. His finance Ada got a milder form of the sinus and respiratory version earlier.

Granddaughter Alison Jo, now completely recovered, bless her, may have started the whole thing with a bout of both the intestinal flu and one of the respiratory version before school even got out for Christmas. She evidently saved up enough of those germs to pass them around to most everyone at our family holiday gathering…

I can’t ever remember all of us getting sick at almost the same time before and I certainly hope we don’t ever do it again.

Despite the circulating virus, the holidays were good around the Maurers. Everyone felt pretty good on the “gathering” days and we enjoyed good company, lots of great gifts and traditional holiday meals together. What more can you ask for?

Now 2013, the ‘New Year’ has arrived and the winter countdown has begun again. We won’t see another hopefully warm “festive” holiday until St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish Festival in Clare. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a repeat of last year’s weather in mid-March?

Meantime we have a few other events to look forward to and help us beat the winter blahs and those pesky attacks of “cabin fever.” Valentine’s Day, Harrison’s Frostbite Festival (aptly named if you ask me) and Clare’s annual Business Expo are all coming up within the next six weeks or so.

It’s something to look forward to when you are going to work and going home in the dark…

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