December 5, 2011

You and the Law

Richard S. Allen, Attorney at Law

Have you noticed that every time the subject of limiting government spending comes up, the immediate response is that it would result in “cutting back on cops and teachers?” The problem that Michigan has is not a shortage of teachers, but a shortage of kids. Our population is shrinking. Schools all over the state are consolidating or closing. As for police, little Clare with 3200 people has 9 full time policemen. Do we need more speed traps? More marijuana arrests? Is McEwen Street any safer than when we had two cops? Harrison and Farwell said they couldn’t afford even one and abolished their Police Departments. What is it about the mean streets of Clare that justifies so many police? And the pensions we’re eventually going to have to pay them along with the salaries of their replacements. That’s one policeman for every 356 people.

Have you noticed how advertisements on TV and on billboards show young, beautiful people laughing and having a wonderful time at a Casino? Have you ever seen a beautiful person at a casino? Have you ever seen anyone laughing? Have you ever seen anyone having fun? All I see are people in wheelchairs sucking on oxygen bottles with cards plugged into slot machines.

Have you noticed how every TV ad has tiny print that flashes on the screen for a few seconds? That unreadable print makes the rest of the ad a lie or modifies the ads meaning so that it deceives the customer. Any company that sells you something and doesn’t want you to read their advertising is swindling you. That goes for radio ads that have someone reading very fast in a cutesy voice at the end of the commercial as well.

You realize, don’t you, that there is no such thing as “shipping & handling?” That’s just a fee tacked on to the price. It’s like adding 40% to the price for “labor.”

Have you noticed that when newspapers mention local governments they call them “cash strapped local governments?” If you spend all of your money you’ll always be “cash strapped.” Everything in Detroit is “cash strapped” and always will be. Everything they don’t spend they steal. Journalists should call a moratorium on use of the phrase “cash strapped.” Call them what they are; broke.

Have you noticed how this holiday season smells of desperation? The Christmas stuff started before Halloween. There was a Salvation Army bell ringer in front of Sam’s Club while people were in T shirts.  If we don’t get over this recession soon, we’ll be starting Christmas in August.

For those of you who view this month with fear and loathing, three weeks from now it’ll all be over.  Then we’ll have the most over rated holiday of the year, New Years Eve.  Maybe it’s the second most over rated.  Remember Kwanzaa? That’s on the 26th. So hang on a little longer and it will be January and all of this will be behind you. Just in time for the credit card bills to arrive.

Ho Ho Ho

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