Home alone dog chews up house

August 26, 2011

Bet you can’t guess this?

What do the following items have in common:

–          Three pairs of men’s shoes

–          One pair of women’s sandals

–          4 rolls of toilet paper

–          A Sony DVD remote

–          3 Size C batteries

–          Aluminum siding

–          3 baseball caps

–          A state police sweatshirt

–          A bottle of perfume

–          An electric Norelco shaver

These are all items that our Golden Retriever has chewed up and eaten in the last couple of months. I guess i can understand the clothing, hats and shoes but some of the other items- electric shaver, DVD remote, etc. can’t feel good in the belly.

Amazingly enough, the dog has had virtually no side effects from the unusual diet. When she demolished my charged electric shaver a week ago, I was extremely concerned that her body would be cut badly, but after close examination, some fur on her underbelly was missing, but that was it.

The problem stems from my wife and I leaving the dog for extended periods of time. We both work during the day and the dog is left at home to fend for herself. We let her have free reign of the house and lately, she seems to entertain herself by pulling items off of counters and tables, and making a meal outta them.

The shoes are problematic in the sense they are brand new. I have actually bought three pair in the last two months because she chews up the previous pair. I don’t leave these shoes out in the open- well maybe the first pair were. But hey, I’m a quick learner and always managed to put them on a table or in the closet. Unfortunately the dog is a quicker learner, always managing to find my new hiding place.

Heck I’ve now resorted to wearing my shoes from a year ago- remember the pair that had a live mouse in them, that I managed to wear around the entire day until I discovered the mouse. For some reason the dog won’t touch those shoes.

The remote really ticks me off because now I’m forced to get out of my easy chair to work the DVD player. One day a couple of weeks ago I found it in pieces- chewed until it was unrecognizable, on my living room floor. For whatever reason, the chewed remnants are always left out in the open for the dog’s owners to readily see.

I’ve had plenty of dogs in my life, but I swear to you, I’ve never been associated with one that has this type of chewing fetish. I call it a fetish because she never gets into food, garbage or other usual items most dogs enjoy. No our dog enjoys small appliances and electrical items.

What’s a family suppose to do? I’m sure there are readers out there that have encountered this? Everyone tells us its separation anxiety and she will get over it. Well I’ve been waiting and I’m not experiencing the “getting over” part yet.

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