How sad, vacation’s over

July 10, 2014

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

Well it is back at it this week since our brief get-away to the north country is over – for now at least.

I am still trying to talk Jack into another week away later on this summer…

I told you about the problems we have had with mice getting into our camper. We caught four in the traps he had put out and spent the remainder of the week enjoying ourselves.

When we left this time, Jack had plugged every hole underneath with steel wool and is pretty sure we have solved the problem of those little unwanted guests. Guess we will find out when we go up the next time.

We have tried everything to keep them away. A tip to use fabric softener sheets in drawers, cupboard and storage areas didn’t work real well. They used those nice soft, fragrant sheets as part of their nests.

A new type of mousetrap didn’t work very well either. They ate the peanut butter right out without even springing the trap. So this time we had put out the old fashioned spring traps. Sometimes the old ways work the best.

We tried the remedy of peppermint oil, which we had heard would repel them, and it may have worked for a while, but since the camper sat there empty over the winter, I think that solution wore out before their resolve to move in did.

By the way, thanks to Jan Richardson for sending in that peppermint oil tip last week and reminding me about it. Next trip up I think I will add some peppermint oil in strategic places just in case…

Anyway, after a rough start, our week away turned out pretty nice. Oh, Jack didn’t get all of his projects completed. He wore himself out putting a storage shed together, installed our screened in room and did some mowing, but I noticed he took quite a few naps and read a book while we were there too.

The weather was pretty good and what rain we got cleared off sometime during the day, so we enjoyed a lot of sunshine and warm weather too.

I also read a couple of books, visited with family, did a little exploring with my cousin and generally took it easy as much as possible. No canoeing this time but I’m hoping that will be on the itinerary next time we are there during the week.  A trip down the river is a beautiful and serene experience, but on the weekend it also involves canoe after canoe as the AuSable is a popular one for that type of recreation. And last weekend was unbelievable. Just driving across the bridge before you get to our campsite involved nearly one lane traffic because of all of the cars parked along the road for nearly half a mile.

Every vacationer to the north country was on the river in a kayak, tube or canoe I think.

So our week included two family dinners, sister-in-law Marlene’s famous tacos on Wednesday and a hamburger and hot dog cookout at our camper on Saturday.

One very big highlight of our trip up to Roscommon was an afternoon spent with niece-in-law Margo on a huckleberry picking excursion. Those sweet wild blueberries are just starting to get ripe and it is looking like it may be a bumper crop this year, so I am definitely going back as often as possible. We collected enough ripe berries for two huckleberry pies for the cookout and believe me they didn’t last long at all.

I think my most favorite time at the camper is early evening when the sun is going down. There’s very little traffic on the road nearby, just the sound of the birds calling their good-nights to each other when we sit outside.  Where we are, we have a spectacular view of the sky and were treated to some pretty incredible sunsets this time.

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