I’m an incurable optimist

December 12, 2011

Once again we didn’t win the Lotto last weekend, but I am going Christmas shopping this weekend anyway!

I keep hoping that someday we will win. I’m not sure what the prize even was, but I’m sure that it would have been (as my Mom used to say) “a great plenty.”

Oh well, there’s always the next drawing…

There’s something to be said for being an optimist. You are always convinced that things will work out for the best. If not today, than tomorrow for sure.

If you are a genuine optimist and things still don’t work out, you will find yourself looking for something good about a bad situation.

I can’t help it – Jack says I am incurable. My cup is always “half-full,” the sun is going to shine eventually and I’m always getting a “feeling” that it’s our lucky day and we are going to win this time for sure.

Needless to say, I get disappointed pretty often, but it never seems to get me down for long.

Jack, on the other hand, is mostly a pessimist. “Expect the worst,” he says, “Then at least some of the time you will be pleasantly surprised when things go well. And, if they don’t at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing you were right after all.”

He is right, but only about one-half of the time…

Actually I think we balance each other out pretty well, and despite what he is always telling me, I think secretly he is more of an optimist than he will admit. After all, he is the one who buysat least one Lotto ticket every week.

The Lottery really is the stuff of modern day dreams. When we were younger, and the kids just little, we didn’t have much. Something that was fun to do was talk about what we do if we suddenly had a million dollars and had to spend it all in just a week.

The catalog, still called a “wish book” even these days, was our handbook for this little game and we always had a great time “spending” our imaginary windfall.

These days, a million wouldn’t go nearly as far, but it would still be fun to spend it. And, every weekend, we buy a ticket or two, “just in case,” and sometimes find ourselves playing that old “what if” game again.

I have to admit that the possibility of winning, however remote, is an exciting idea. I mean how would you like to win one of those jackpots just before Christmas?

Speaking of Christmas, the countdown is on again. There may not be any snow out there to remind us, but you know we only have thirteen days left until Christmas Eve!

Clare and Harrison are both celebrating the season this weekend and Santa will be putting in an appearance at several locations around the area.

Guess I really should do some baking and send out a few cards and buy some presents.

But then I do have almost two whole weeks left.

No hurry.

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