Indian summer?

October 18, 2012

I don’t know if this is Indian Summer or not, but I like it.

The colors, although starting to fade away already, are still beautiful.

It makes me want to drive to Harrison everyday – and I have been making that trip quite often as I work on interviews for our upcoming Business Profiles section in the newspaper.

That is a very busy time for this old gal, especially this year, as I am also attempting to be the “man of the house” while Jack is recuperating from his hip replacement surgery.

He is definitely improving now and walking more and more every day, although he is still forced to use that detestable walker…

Hopefully he only has a couple more weeks and will graduate to a cane.

Anyway, October is almost over again, and the flowers are all gone again. A couple of good overnight frosts turned them into something that resembles cooked spinach.

The daytime temperatures have been mild though and the leaves are coming down like rain every time the wind blows. And it seems to blow constantly lately.

When fall is like this it certainly is a beautiful time of year.

I filled the feeders today (another one of Jack’s little regular chores) and the birds are still emptying them at a phenomenal rate. I need to do that just about every third day just to keep the little beggars happy.

I told him today that I can’t wait until he is back on his feet and can take over some of this stuff again. Emptying the wastebaskets, doing laundry,  taking out the garbage, feeding the birds – and the fish, cleaning leaves off the deck, running errands, buying groceries, moving heavy stuff – I just didn’t appreciate him enough when he was doing it all, but I sure do now.

Halloween is just a bit over a week away now and the kids are all busy deciding what to wear for the occasion. Hopefully this mild weather will hold on just a little longer for them. It would be great to have a nice evening for Trick or Treating. Most years it is cold and snowy or cold and rainy.

All of the area hours for Trick or Treating are on the 31st this year. It is a Wednesday, and according to an email sent to Clare City Manager Ken Hibl earlier, Clare, Coleman and Gladwin will all hold Trick or Treat hours from 6-8 p.m.;  and both Farwell’s and Harrison’s hours are from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

The election is approaching fast too with only a couple more issues before the big day. It’s a “presidential year” and you can sure tell by the number of political ads on the “tube.” Every other commercial is for a candidate or a cause. This time of year, I just love that “mute” button.

I pretty much know who I will vote for. My big question this year is about the proposals. I still don’t know for sure how I am going to vote on them, but will have to make some time to do a little studying before November 6.

I have some free time between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. I think…

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