Individual rights

I’m not much for hunting, in fact I don’t have any guns in my house at all, it’s not that I don’t like guns or that I consider them evil, it’s just that I don’t really care to have any guns. I am appalled by the Anti-Gun advocates, who rant and rave about how guns kill people. They fail to realize that it’s not the gun that kills people; it is people that kill and guns don’t have to be the weapon of choice. It could be a baseball bat, a knife, or could be a slingshot. There are so many ways people could kill one another and it doesn’t have to be a gun. Guns only account for 57.9 percent of the murders in our country.

Something that irritates me is people trying to take away our rights, our individuality. It’s like I don’t have a say in what goes on in my life. I don’t have a say in wearing a helmet on a motorcycle, wearing a seatbelt, or if I choose to have health insurance. I don’t think it should be a crime to not wear a helmet or to not wear a seatbelt. I don’t think it should be a big crime if I don’t want to have health insurance. Now they want to take away my right to own a gun. I think I ought to have a right to decide what I want to do, and what I should have based on my own individual freedoms. I had a foster sister who died in 1953. One of her favorite sayings was, “freedom isn’t freedom if we trespass on other people’s rights”. Our rights in this country are being stepped on every single day by the actions of our Congress, our president, our Governor and our elected officials in Township and County.

I see in the paper where Hayes Township has opted to build a new, $3 million Township Hall, we may need this Township Hall, and it may be a good idea, but I really think that something that expensive should be put to the vote of the Township residents. I don’t think it’s fair that 10 or 15 people should be making the decision for a community of 4000 or more. I think that this is something that should be put on the ballot and let the total Township, who chooses to vote, make the decision.

I feel like I’m living in a box. I don’t feel that I can safely leave my home without someone telling me where I can go, what I can do, or how I want to do it. I feel like big brother is watching me.  Government has too much control. We elected these officials trusting that they had the best interest of the citizens at heart, but now we find that most of these elected officials only have their own interest at heart. The good buddy pool in Washington, in the Statehouse, and Township halls, indicate that our elected officials only want to please each other and what they can derive from their time in office. I think one of the only ways that we can know who is for us and who is for themselves, is let these officials ask the public they serve, what their desires are. Let the public set their salaries and time in office, and they would be subject to be fired if they are not doing the job they were elected to do and eliminate the need to go through a recall process to do it.

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