It’s all my fault

January 19, 2012

Years ago every time I wrote a column about the weather, my staff at the newspaper would insist that I caused it to change – radically, and they would always yell at me to “Stop doing that!”

Nobody has complained lately, so I guess I forgot. Looks like I did it again though, because last week’s column, written on Wednesday afternoon, was all about our still green grass and beautiful October-like weather in January…

Thursday the thermometer started dropping and by Friday afternoon we had about seven inches of new snow on the ground. And it’s still there this week after a second blast and five more inches arrived on Tuesday.

Hey I don’t really believe that I have that kind of power. I just think I pick the absolutely wrong time to brag about great weather every single time …

Well at least now we can say that it is winter in mid-Michigan once again. No more green grass or early buds on the trees despite the calendar.

The big storm hit us on Friday the 13th. Now some people consider that kind of weather typical Friday the 13th “bad luck” especially if they had to travel any distance in it or if they were really unlucky and ended up in the ditch because of those nasty slippery roads.

Others, and there are certainly plenty of ‘snow bunnies’ out there, think that last Friday’s snowstorm was the prettiest and luckiest thing ever, especially if it means a school “snow day” or if they own a snowmobile, like my ecstatic granddaughters, or like to ski slide down a hill – or if they have a plow on the front of their truck. Right Brent?  Now there is a guy who is just positive that white stuff was all for him and he is really enjoying it! In fact he was wallowing around in a couple of inches of it right here in our driveway earlier today.

I guess it was only a matter of time until Mother Nature caught up with us again. Looks like winter might be here to stay for a while now. I don’t mind if I don’t have to wander very far from home or go out very often and as long as that fireplace on the other side of this office keeps blazing away.

I especially enjoy it when watching it involves a good book, the easy chair and a cup of hot chocolate to sip.

With all that said, take note that January is half over again. You know what that means – that dreaded month of February is almost upon us once more!

Usually when February rolls around we are all, or at least most of us are ready for spring again. Can’t say that this year though, cause when February does arrive we will only be a couple of weeks into real winter weather, won’t we?

With February almost upon us, it is time to think about Valentines and birthdays again. This family has a bunch of birthdays in February (including mine unfortunately), more in March and actually loads almost every month between now and July. At times, I’ve been tempted to buy some stock in Hallmark.

March is coming up pretty fast too. You know what that means – Irish Festival fun time again!

After that it is April, tax day, and muddy messy weather mixed in with occasional snowstorms to keep us on our toes.

The way I have it figured, we only have three months of cold and snow left and spring will be here again. It doesn’t sound like such a long time does it?

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