It’s always a good time in the north woods

August 30, 2018

I am writing from our little table in the Fifth Wheel this week, as we enjoy a few days away at our little campsite in Crawford County.

Bringing my trusty laptop along allows me to stay a bit longer than our typical weekend getaway, but tomorrow (Wednesday) it will be a trip back home to send in the news I’ve written and be on hand to

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

help put this week’s edition together on Thursday.

By the time you read this though, hopefully we will be headed north once again for a few more days in the north woods.

I have to admit writing my articles up here does have its perks. Gazing out the window in our mini “dining area,” (a table and four chairs) I have the most beautiful view of the thickly wooded and very green area behind the campsite, where there is always the chance of seeing a squirrel, chipmunk, deer, or even wild turkeys wandering through the woods.

Sadly the ferns, of which there is an abundance throughout the forest up here, are turning yellow again, one of the first signs of an impending fall. Along with that, here and there you see just a few leaves beginning to change colors to dress up the upcoming season. It’s not very far away now…
Meanwhile the weather has been warm and humid and we’ve had three rainstorms since we got here Saturday.

We don’t even mind that. We never sleep so well as we do in the camper when we can doze off listening to the raindrops hitting the roof over our heads. The sun is shining right now and last night’s storm washed the dust off all the leaves outside. It is incredibly beautiful.

Jack, who never needs an excuse (or a rainstorm) to take a nap, is barely snoring behind me in his recliner…

One of the other perks of being here, especially in spring, summer and fall, is walking through the woods. There has always been a drive/trail that circles around that I’ve walked many times. This summer our ‘landlord’ and nephew Rick has added more walking trails which I plan to explore as soon as I can.
Sister-in-law Marlene, who spends her summers in the little trailer with a great big screened-in porch next door, is making a trek through the woods on those new trails every day now.

The view out our camper window...

The view out our camper window…

It’s only an hour away from home, but a visit up here, where I grew up, is like a whole different world and a refreshing memory of the time when I spent all of my summers wandering through the woods at every opportunity.

Up until fourth grade when he moved away, I spent a lot of  time with a neighbor boy — Gordon Corwin. Since we were the same age and the only kids in the neighborhood, we managed to get into loads of scrapes together.

It really is a small world though because son-in-law Terry’s stepdad is Doug Corwin, Gordon’s cousin.
Other playmates as I was growing up included my cousins, who were regular visitors at the schoolhouse/cabin just across the road. My Aunt Maggie was always bringing a “passel” of grandkids up for a couple of weeks in the little building that once was the one-room school that my dad, and all of his brothers, sisters, and cousins attended.

These days, that same old schoolhouse, now renovated and much improved, is the home of another nephew, Randy and his wife Margo. Our campsite is just about a tenth of a mile down a two-track east of their home on the family property. Nephew Rick now lives in the little house that I grew up in just across the road and walking distance away. Add to that another cousin Loyal, who inherited his Grandparents cottage just south of my old home. He and I were also buddies way back when and still enjoy getting together when he comes north to share some old family memories.

More family and friends are also close by, making our little getaway place up here at Roscommon the scene of many family get-togethers in the summer months. Every time we come north, there’s always a cookout at a family picnic ground just about 500 feet up the trail. Everybody (four generations of Richardsons) chips in and the food and conversation when we all get together is almost always great fun!

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