It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

October 31, 2011

Hard to believe it is Wednesday again and time to write this column one more time.

Of course when you read this it will be Friday again, an especially welcome TGIF for this old gal since I just completed 28 business articles for our special Profiles section in this issue.

I think I have blisters on my fingers…

And, believe it or not, hubby Jack has been cooking most of our meals to give me more time to write. He really hates to even admit that he knows how to put together a decent meal, but after nearly 45 years, now I know the truth.

When I sold the paper and “semi-retired” two and half years ago I decided I would like continue to do the part of newspaper work that I love, which is talking to people, taking pictures and writing. Most weeks that takes up about 3 ½ days and I work from home except on Thursday morning, which is ideal.

Every once in a while – like the past couple of weeks – it gets pretty hectic and reminds me of the old days when I would often “burn the midnight oil” just to get it all done.

Just scheduling and getting to all of those interviews was a trick. I had to resort to my old ways and make myself a calendar with every single one scheduled about 45 minutes to an hour apart.

Good plans and schedules don’t always go the way they are supposed to of course. Bad weather (rain) and a cranky camera messes up pictures, making for a few extra trips around the area. Arriving for an interview at the wrong time – or on the wrong day creates a little havoc with that schedule too.

Despite all the little setbacks, I just kept on eating away at the “to do” list. For a while it didn’t seem like I was making any progress at all because when I would get three or four done, I would have to add three or four more to the bottom of the list.

It didn’t seem like there was possibly enough time to get it all done, even though I started working on it more than two weeks ago, but just about two hours ago I sent in the last of them…or so I thought.

Of course I’m not done yet…Make that total 29! That sweet old Italian guy Al just called to give me  “just one more to write,” an after-deadline special favor I guess. Boy is he going to owe me…

I have to admit business articles are one of the most fun types to write and it’s great to have the chance to get out to talk to all of the business owners and managers again. Sometimes I really miss that part of newspaper work.

And you know what? Despite the crappy economy over the past few years, every single person I interviewed had something good to say and every single one was optimistic that things are getting better again.

Small business and hard work really are the backbone of this country.

Now it’s your turn to get to know the people who are helping to improve things in mid-Michigan.

Read on – Business Profiles is in this issue.

Good news is always more fun.

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