It’s early but we did get a little ‘color tour’

September 27, 2012

Jack’s in the hospital recovering from his first ever major surgery, a hip replacement.

I have to say he is doing pretty well considering all he has been through in the past couple of days.

I’m not doing as good, but am “muddling” along.

That’s because I am a “worrier” and think I should be there – just in case something goes wrong – and naturally today (Wednesday), day two, there was a “glitch.” His ‘baby’ Lisa talked to him just as it all was happening, panicked  and called Mom, since she is an even bigger “worrier” than I am.

I didn’t go over the speed limit (by very much) on my way to Alma.

It turned out to be a painful muscle spasm (like a charley horse I guess), but we were afraid the new hip had become dislocated, something they take great precautions against in the beginning of the recovery period right after surgery.

So this afternoon, I was writing articles on the laptop in Jack’s hospital room and watching him go through some rehab…

Everyone says he is doing really well…I need a paper bag to breath into.

Getting ready for this three month recovery period has made for an interesting time around the Maurer house. Jack, who is convinced that I can’t possibly manage things without him, has been busy getting things ready for his “forced” temporary retirement. He has the house in good shape, roof leak patched, door sweep installed, new flooring installed in the hallway, cleaned under both the stove and refrigerator, closed up and cleaned out the hot tub, blown all the leaves off the deck and mowed around the house – and that’s all just in the past week or so…

And, I have received extensive instruction on how to clean the wood burner, bring in the mail and take out the garbage while he is “laid up.” In fact he called me this evening from the hospital, just to make sure I didn’t forget that the garbage truck comes tomorrow.

I didn’t.

I guess I am a bit spoiled though. He is a “handy” guy to have around.

We did find a little time this last weekend for a short “color tour.” Yup, there is some really pretty color out there and since we were making a trip to the shoe store in West Branch, and Jack had one more “little project” to finish at the Roscommon camp site, we took the back roads up and back “one more time” last Sunday.

We went east to M30 and north to West Branch, then through St. Helen and up a back way by Kirkland Community College to Roscommon. On the way back we came down M18 through Houghton Lake and down along the Clare-Gladwin County line, came down Hoover Road, across M61 and down Bailey Lake/Tobacco Drive and across Colonville Road. Probably only about 150 miles altogether but it really was pretty nice and surprisingly colorful for this early in the season. Most trees were still green but there were a lot of yellow and some beautiful red maples, especially in the low areas and quite a lot of color along M30. The color east of here, especially between here and Midland, is always early and always beautiful.

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