Just another ‘working’ weekend at the camper

July 27, 2017

Our summer projects, or I should say Jack’s summer projects are going full blast both here at home and up at our summer retreat (?) in Roscommon.

This past weekend, after a lovely Thursday and Friday visit from Jack’s brother Brent and his wife Cathy (who left for home Saturday morning), we packed up fast and headed north to the camper.

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Jack was determined to stain that deck he built last summer, and although some rainy weather delayed it a bit, he “got ‘er done” as they say, before we headed home on Monday afternoon.

You would think he would have relaxed a bit Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning since the threat of rain set his plans back a bit.

Not so. Saturday afternoon was spent getting ready and when the rain threatened Sunday morning he decided, since we were inside anyway, to rip out most of that “pink” carpet in the main part of the living area. Well that took up most of the day of course. The carpet is actually a “rose color” but there’s no convincing him of that. He has been calling it “ugly pink” since we bought it.

We had to leave some of that carpet though, on the slide for the living room couch and dining area. I know that sounds like a big space, but believe me it isn’t, but it is pretty comfortable compared to the old 2004 trailer that had just one slide instead of three.

Since we bought the Fifth Wheel, also a 2004, we have ripped out the dining booth and replaced it with a table and four chairs and built the deck of course. (keep reading for more on that…)

Anyway, when at least a good portion of the carpeting was gone, the weather finally cleared up and Monday morning was nice and sunny and not nearly as hot as it has been.

So the deck got stained before we came back home and I have to admit it looks pretty good too.

Did I mention that a couple of trips ago, we spent the weekend making our two-level deck one level. Seems everyone, us included, kept forgetting that step down between the two levels. Luckily no one got hurt, but we sure looked funny falling off that step.

Anyway that was a long hard weekend, using jacks to hold the lower level up while he replaced the posts on each corner of the four 4 by 12 foot sections. Boy was I sore after that… then on another trip it was taking up some of the decking and replacing the center supports underneath. That took up another weekend.

Well now the deck up there is done and all that is left is new flooring (bought last year) to install where we ripped out the carpet.

Then I think the camper projects will be complete for this year anyway – that is unless we get a new couch like we have been talking about…

I haven’t mentioned what has been going on around home though…

We have repainted and replaced most of the guest bathroom (that took a couple of weeks) and the most recent project on his list was to stain the deck here at home.

That’s 1,200 square feet folks, but he is almost done. All that’s left is a small area where the old hot tub, which is going to son Don’s house, is still setting.

Then I guess he will have to think of something else that just has to be done to complete the summer – after all he is “retired” now.

Me? I would just like to spend a little time going further up north for a day or maybe take a mini trip over to the sand dunes before the snow flies again.

Oh, and I would like to pick a few huckleberries while I’m up there too. It looks like this is going to be a good year for those sweet wild blueberries, and those years don’t come around too often unfortunately.

The weather has been just about perfect for them this year though. Niece in law Margo has already found enough for four pies. If you love blueberry pie, you can just double that experience with one made of huckleberries. The taste is incredible.
I may be going up just to pick some this weekend sometime.

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