Just more spring bits on the Tobacco

May 11, 2012

I almost called boss Mike earlier this week. I found a couple of big Morels, each more than four inches tall. They were real beauties, but too far past their prime for anything but bragging rights. As far as the Maurer yard goes, I think this year’s crop is over again.

We missed finding quite a few that popped up after we thought they were done. Jack said he mowed up a bunch of smaller dried up ones in the front yard on Monday. Maybe they will spread some spores for a bumper crop next year.

I know that Mike, our resident “city boy,” just loves hearing about stuff like that. I could have taken a picture, but in light of his column last week, and Jim’s obsession with my last morel picture, I thought that might be a bit too much…

That seems to be a trait of “some people” who hail from the southeastern corner of the State. Al makes an awful face every time I even mention mushroom hunting and how good they are dipped in egg, flour and fried crispy.

His loss, cause I’m not going to share and let him find out how delicious they really are.

Incidentally I know for a fact, that despite his citified claims, as a youngster Mike used to go camping in northwestern Michigan with some of Jack’s family and friends quite regularly.

Another busy week around this house for sure. Every once in a while, meeting nights gang up on me. This week I covered two municipalities (Clare and Farwell) on Monday and a couple of townships (Surrey and Grant) on Tuesday. Normally they are spread out but sometimes, unfortunately, the first Monday and the second Tuesday fall in the same week.

Also while fighting either the onset of a cold or my usual spring allergies, (I’m not sure which), I wrote about three sentencing’s, a kidnapping and a meth lab bust, one new business story and went to and wrote about an awards ceremony for Jay’s Sporting Goods. That was my first up close encounter with our present Governor Rick Snyder.

And I am supposed to be “semi-retired.”

I keep myself sane on weeks like this with little breaks outside between articles. I like to see what is blooming, or about to bloom in the yard. My lilacs aren’t doing much this year, but the snowball bushes look promising and I noticed today that those little blue forget me nots are popping up all over the mound in the front yard. And, I still haven’t got that darn thing completely weeded, it is only one-third done so far.

The outside work may be piling up on me, but thanks to granddaughter Sammi and my dependable Lydia, the spring cleaning inside is about accomplished. The windows are finally free of doggy nose art, handprints and winter dirt (Thanks Sam I’ve been whining about that chore for two months), and Lydia keeps the dust down around here, the rooms clean and the floors shiny on her monthly visits.

Although it hasn’t been especially warm, the heavy rains seem to be over. It has been pretty nice for most of this week. I am looking forward to a lot more of the same for the rest of May.

We haven’t been able to start our “camping season” yet, but I keep hoping we will head north on some weekend real soon. I’m afraid that might be a working trip too. Our first trip always is, but Jack handles most of the hard stuff, so I don’t mind too much.

And, after this week I think I could use a mini-vacation – or two!

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