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March 13, 2014


By Dr. Ray Augenstein


I saw a shocking event today, I don’t usually let things get to me, but in this case, I felt my dander rise, and I was abhorred by the display before me.

I entered a store on my trip to deliver wood to my daughter, and just as I entered the store, I observed an elderly person making their way slowly in just in front of me, I slowed down my pace to allow the elderly person to proceed before me, and I only moved up to hold the door for Him.

Just as I pushed the door open and stood aside so he could precede me into the store, two young people, a male and female, pushed past the older person, and rushed through the door I was holding open for the senior.

I surmised that perhaps they had an urgent call from Mother Nature to attend to, but upon entering the store, I observed them standing near the Cappuccino machine. They were laughing and having a good time while filling their cups with cappuccino.  The older man looked hurt and disgusted with their attitude.

This kind of behavior is not an isolated incident. I have seen the lack of respect and courtesy displayed all around us. I know my kids despair of me saying, “When I was a kid.”  However it is something that is a truism.

When I was a kid, I was taught that you are polite to others.
It doesn’t hurt to let someone else enter a room before you, if you both arrive at the same time. It doesn’t hurt to say Please and Thank You, for favors or services rendered.
I used to be in a terrible hurry to get here or get there, and I didn’t like it when someone beat me to a place in line. I have since learned that I don’t have to hurry, that I will arrive despite the fact that someone has pushed ahead of me in line.

I don’t like it when I have waited in a line for a long time, only to have some individual rush up to someone ahead of me and engage them in conversation, solely for the purpose of jumping ahead of all those who have waited patiently for their turn.

I don’t like it when someone gets preferential treatment, and I’m pushed back to start over again.

Let’s consider the older citizen; they have paid their dues, with years of hard work and faithfulness to their families.
I know an older man, who served in the Army of our Country during World War II, He left his family of a wife and three small children to go and defend this country.

Upon his return, he worked every day to support them.
In later years, when he became too feeble to defend himself, he was disrespected, ignored, and treated as if he was mentally incompetent. All he wanted was a little kindness and courtesy before he died.

It doesn’t cost anything to say a kind word, or do a kind deed, it only takes a minute to smile and say hello, how are you.

It’s time to bring a little courtesy back into our society

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