Just Thinking – Back in the 50’s again

April 17, 2014

RayAugustienI saw this little cafe on the street I was driving down, and it caught my eye. So I turned my car around and made my way back to check it out. What caught my eye was the name of the place.  It was “Back to the Fifties” Now I was a teenager in the fifties, and that name pulled my chain.  I pulled into the parking lot beside of the building and was greeted by the sound of “In the Still of The Night” seeping through the door.  Now I was intrigued, I hadn’t planned on going in but I couldn’t retreat now. It was as if the sound reached out and just pulled me in.

When I stepped into the cafe, I was amazed at the decor. It was like I had stepped back in time. There was a lunch counter with swivel stools, juke box stations, and over in the corner, an authentic Wurlitzer juke box. Now I assumed it was a CD player, but when I walked over to it, I discovered it was a genuine player of 45 records, and it was the source of the music I was hearing.

I walked over to one of the booths lining the wall, and noticed a selector box on the table for the juke box. There were checkered tablecloths, and the menu had a red checkered border around the edge. The special listed on the front, was a double cheeseburger, French fries, and a Malt. Behind the counter I could see a malt mixer, and beside it the shiny metal containers that they mixed the malt in.  There was a young lady that sashayed over to my table in step with the music, who was dressed in a poodle skirt, cashmere sweater, wearing bobby sox and saddle shoes.

As I dined on my fries, hamburger and cherry coke that I had ordered, the juke box started blaring out Bill Haley’s rock around the clock. A young man in a white T shirt, blue jeans, and penny loafers came out from the back and began dancing with the waitress. At that point, I truly felt like I had stepped back in time. It reminded me of when I was a teen, with slicked back hair, blue jeans and white buck shoes.  My mind was carried away by the ambiance I was in, back to the carefree days of my youth.

I don’t care how old you get, or how bad you feel, I still believe that there is a little bit of the teenager still hidden somewhere inside. I believe that we get older and mature, and that we learn from our past and make better decisions. But beyond all the mistakes, and bad choices we made, there is a part of us that long for certain events that occurred in our lives. Like the High School girl friend or boyfriend that we walked from class to class. The High School Dances, where we tried out all the new steps. Our first car, and all the gang we hung with.  The café where we would meet and eat hamburger and French fries.

We walk different paths when we grow up. We have more responsibilities, and different acquaintances. But every once in a while, it’s nice to just lay everything aside and let our thoughts go back once more to our teen years.  For me that was my trip back in time at a little Café up north where I was once more a teen back in the 50’s again.

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One Response to Just Thinking – Back in the 50’s again

  1. Bev Abbott Reply

    April 19, 2014 at 2:38 pm

    Where is the “Back to the Fifties” cafe. It sounds intriguing!!!

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