Just Thinking – I’ve got a feeling

February 28, 2014

I’ve got a feeling that spring is on the way. I’ve got a feeling that in spite of all that is going on with the Health Care program, Citizens are going to rise up and let the government know that enough is enough. I’ve got a feeling that Obama doesn’t care what the people think.

I was researching German History recently and discovered to my dismay that many of the policies that were instituted by Hitler are many of the same policies that are being pressed upon us by the Government today.  Hitler first took away the power of the people, so that he could make the rules without the consent of the elected representatives.

Obama has declared that he will use executive privilege to enforce laws that have not been sanctioned by the Congress or the Senate.  What makes a dictatorial form of government?  It is when the person who is elected to lead, doesn’t listen to his advisors, or the senators representing the people.  It’s Leaders who take more power to themselves, then were given by the people.    It’s an easy thing to do when you sit on the throne.

Did you know in the township offices, you cannot recall an elected official for the first year and the last year of their 4 year term?  How long does it take to find out someone is incompetent, or unable to do the job.  If businesses were run the same way, they would have to suffer a whole year, before replacing the inept, incompetent worker.  I would hate to have a Pharmacist that didn’t do his or her job competently for a full year before being replaced.

Lord Acton of England said “”Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Many leaders have started out right but then the power of their position went to their heads and they started thinking of themselves as above accountability.  When this happens citizens who put them in power should begin asking question, and demanding answers. Let us not assume that the ones operating our government are more knowledgeable then they are. These are ordinary people like you and me, who can become a Hitler, or a Mussolini.

Begin by attending Township meetings. Demand answers. Get angry if you have too. Write letters to the editor. Don’t assume that the person in charge is doing what is best for you.  I’ve got a feeling if we don’t demand accountability by our leaders; we may be losing our voice to another like Hitler.

I am old, and my concerns have changed from trying to take care of my family, raise them up and keep my bills paid. Now my focus is on staying healthy rather than summer vacations or cruises. Keeping warm and not falling down, having my afternoon nap without disturbances.  But I care enough that I don’t want to have my friends and family  suffer because of some egomaniac, who wants to create a legacy for himself.

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