May arrives and the season begins again

April 27, 2018

With the end of April almost here now, the beginning of my favorite season is upon us.

The grass is green and growing, flowers are blooming (somewhere) and the trees are beginning to bud again.
Jack is watching the weather reports diligently and was making noises about heading up to the camper this weekend, although he has now decided that it might be just a little early yet.

Spring, when it finally arrives in this part of the country is a very, very welcome thing.

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

It seems like it is finally here, but I’m not counting on it – yet anyway. After all we had snow all over the ground just a little over a week ago.

May is also the season for morel hunting.  Jack said one of the guys he has coffee with was showing pictures of the ones he has already found.

I’m sure there aren’t any around here yet. For one thing there’s still a little snow in the woods… Usually we get enough for a couple of meals every spring, usually when the dandelions start blooming, and we really look forward to finding a few.

It’s hard to believe May arrives next Tuesday. You know what that means – Suddenly the weekends are busy again. We already have planned for every single one for the next five already and I am sure June will be more of the same.

It doesn’t seem fair that January, February and March (and April this year) seem to last for six months, while May, June and July only seem to last three weeks.

Summertime means fast time.

Oh I know the calendar won’t say it is summer for six more weeks, but when the lilacs bloom (I need to check on that) and the thermometer begins to climb over 70 degrees on a regular basis – it’s summer!

Last weekend the thermometer was definitely flirting with 70.

As I look outside this afternoon, the sun is shining and it is beautiful…although not quite that warm.

Not 70 today (Wednesday) it’s 53, but getting closer all the time and we did have a couple of “teaser days.” Jack says it will up to 63 tomorrow. Unfortunately the weekend is supposed to be chilly again.

School will be over in just a few more weeks and the area graduations are only a little over three weeks away for all three area schools.

Memorial Day, the beginning of our official camping season, is now just four weekends away. And boy oh boy, do we ever have a lot to do to get ready!

When we close it up we bring everything home, so when spring finally rolls around, we have to clean and restock everything. And Jack will have to empty the homemade mousetrap I am sure. Naturally he is already thinking up projects to do up at the campsite this summer.

It will be a busy month, but I think May is my favorite month of the whole year, even when it is full of too much to do and not enough weekends to do it all in.

When I can find a spare minute I love just enjoying May.

It is a month of cool breezes and warm sunshine, the scent of green things growing, the taste of fresh chives, morels and wild asparagus.

It’s lacy new leaves in bright green, bright yellow dandelions in the yard and vivid purple wild violets peeking out in the grass.
May is newly awakened bumblebees and the return of the hummingbirds, baby birds cheeping, frogs peeping and sometimes a glimpse of a spotted fawn in the woods just west of the house.

Now I just need to make a little time to enjoy it all…

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