May! Now where are those May flowers?

May 1, 2014

PatGuess they are all in town.

The spring storms – snowstorms, torrential rain and flooding – rivaled the unusually severe winter this year. Now May arrives, hopefully with long-awaited warm weather and sunshine.

Thunderstorms, rain and even hail hit us this week as this strange month of April winds to a close.

It sure was a strange, long winter but you have to admit it is beautiful out there when the sun does decide to shine. I just wish it would warm up a bit more.

Watching everything begin to grow makes me realize that it is time to wash these windows again. I’m sure that would brighten our outlook a bit. Of course there’s loads to do around this place when spring rolls around. I’m pretty sure though that spring cleaning is way overrated!

Flowers are already up and blooming in Clare, although there are no blooms in evidence yet out here on the Tobacco. The grass is growing like mad though and Jack tells me he can hear it calling him for a “trim” already.

As usual, we have had some huge limbs and even a few trees come down in the yard over the winter. So before he can mow, Jack will have his work “cut out” for him cleaning everything up. Personally it sounds like too much work to me.  I think we should just hire it done!

I am getting the urge to plant some flowers again. Guess that will have to wait until the nurseries are open and ready though. With my luck, we will still have a frosty night or two before the warm weather arrives for good.  I am getting anxious for flowers! We do have tiny little lacy red leaves on the trees though. I swear they weren’t there even a week ago.

May is usually a great month here in the middle of Michigan. Everything is blooming, or at least getting ready to bloom again. I’ve noticed buds on the lilac bushes and Jack said he saw a Facebook post of the first tiny morels this week.

Time to start looking for those yummy things around the yard again, I think. They usually pop up out here just about the same time as Jack cuts the grass for the first time. In fact he has mowed quite a few of them up over the years – not on purpose of course…

We usually find enough around the yard for a meal or two this time of year, and mushroom hunting is always fun.

In the mornings we are spectators. As usual this time of year, the activity at the feeders has been frantic. The goldfinches are all decked out in their summer finery, the cardinals add their flash of bright, bright red, and the Chickadees, dressed in their little tuxedos, are around all day long looking for handouts.

We have a new crop of squirrels vying for some of the goodies and have been absolutely cracking up at their antics. Each one thinks the bounty Jack puts out there is just for them, so they are constantly chasing each other away. Yesterday a couple of red squirrels got into what looked like a knock-down drag-out brawl, biting, clawing and rolling around on the ground. That one ended up with a victor of course, who chased the other half way across the yard, before coming back to “guard” the feeders against intruders.

We have loads of bunnies again this year too and this morning, a big black squirrel was out there scrounging some seeds off the ground. Add to that a couple of chipmunks who stuff their cheeks so full they look like they are as wide as they are long!

We haven’t seen any hummingbirds at the feeders yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long and Jack will have to get the hummingbird feeder out and fill it up. If he waits too long they will come right up to the door to remind him or if he is outside, buzz his ear.

It’s fun and entertaining too, to see all of our “regulars” out there again.

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