Medical marijuana proponents bash column

September 30, 2011

by Mike Wilcox

Editor in Chief/Owner

The medical marijuana lobby has spoken, or should I say written. Last week’s “You and the Law” column, written by long time REVIEW contributing writer, local attorney Dick Allen, was under attack by dozens of medical marijuana proponents in the form of written comments to our website.

I’m not one to defend Allen- he has ripped me a few times, but I really don’t understand what all the scuttlebutt is about. It was his conclusion, and I quote, “We should either legalize the stuff or come up with some simple understandable rules regulating the growth, delivery and consumption of marijuana.”

Who can argue with that. Apparently there are a lot of readers out there that take issue with the way he presented his written opinion. Here’s a sampling of what some of our readers are writing:

-Mr. Allen should apologize in this paper for referring to use patients as “stoners” and “dopers”. I hope there never comes a day when you need meds. You are the most disrespectful attorney I know. You also are an Embarrassment.

-The spin on this column is that it is “tongue in cheek” and ends on a positive note because it calls for regulation or legalization. I do not agree. The constant reference to medical marijuana a ‘dope’ is prejudicial. Patients are not ‘dope heads’ or ‘stoners’ thay are sick people that deserve a little respect. The got NONE in this editorial.

-This guy owns a bar (eds. Note- no he doesn’t, he’s a lawyer) and bars are culpable for thousands of deaths related to drunk driving. No one has ever died from cannabis use!

-Well. Well well. I wonder how much of this is the result of me cancelling my ads after this same author published story about a minority physician at the local hospital being a cannibal? I am sure this story, like that one, is meant to be a joke, but again, it is in very bad taste.

-Since you seem to like to use your position to take uninformed positions that affect sick people, perhaps a better venue for you would be political office. I would suggest you run for Oakland County Prosecutor. You will fit right in.

-Let me ask you this. If you had the pain I do and several other people do, would you take pills from the doctor that will destroy your life or do you go to an all-natural herb like medical marijuana?

-I don’t use medical marijuana for the fun of it. I use it to help me get through the day. My marriage is back on track and I can remember what I have done from day to day. When I was taking Methadone, I was a complete zombie.”

This is only a sampling. The comments come from Dr. Stankenstein, Mayor Herb, Trugreen Michigan, Free Radical, etc. If these names aren’t meant to be “tongue in cheek” then I don’t know English. And that is the point I would like to make. Dick Allen always tries to add a bit of humor to his columns, in a devilish sort of way. A lot of people find them very funny, others do not see the humor.

For all those medical marijuana patients who were offended, I would say to you, “lighten up or light another one up, and read Allen’s conclusion.” To those that threatened Dick or I, and there were comments that referred to us as ultra-conservative and communist, I would say, you’re smoking way too much. This newspaper has done nothing but write stories and columns favorable towards medical marijuana. I’m offended when someone threatens me and this newspaper- claiming they are contacting our advertisers, and asking them to stop advertising because of this column.

Everyone has a right to their opinion. Certainly Dick Allen, a columnist for 20 years, and an attorney much longer, ought to be able to state his opinion. You might not like it, and are always welcome to write an opposing viewpoint. Just don’t include personal threats and attacks. It really makes you and your opinion look silly.

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