Mike’s Musings- My two cents worth on three issues

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor

UNLIKE SOME DISGRUNTLED citizens, I applaud those behind the Brookwood 2.0 project. If it were being Mikefunded with taxpayers’ money I would probably oppose the effort, but sense it is a project relying solely on donations, I don’t understand why anyone would be opposed.

When Brookwood was built 30 years ago, it was the envy of many high schools. It was state-of-the-art at the time. Time, however has deteriorated the complex. The football field suffers from severe drainage problems. The bleachers are old and not handicap accessible. The track is in need of resurfacing.

Clare athletes need and deserve better. Clare year-after-year, produces highly rated football teams, despite the old facilities. They are great in all sports- one only has to watch this year’s girl’s basketball team, but football is what draws the most fans and support.

I drive by the Ithaca football complex every Sunday. It was recently refurbished and man does it look great. Now Ithaca has had a great deal of success on the football field- two straight state championships, but again, the makeover happened because members of the community were willing to organize and put their money behind it.

The same will happen in Clare. I have no doubt. And it should. Clare is an immensely proud community that takes great pride in their students. They will come up with the funding. I for one, will be happy to contribute my fair share.

I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND why the Clare County Board of Commissioners decided to cut back their meeting schedule from two to one meeting a month. When they were meeting two times a week, meetings often lasted 4 and 5 hours. There always seemed to be so much business they had to weed through. How in the world are they going to do it in one meeting?

To me it is another way of disenfranchising citizens. If you want to speak to the Board,  you only have one opportunity per month now. Voters elected these guys assuming they would meet and deal with county business twice a month- not once.

Actually with the critical state of the County’s finances, I would have thought they might have went the other way- meeting weekly. But I guess they simply don’t see the urgency as some of us do when it comes to tackling the county’s problems.

I ALSO FAIL TO UNDERSTAND the hubbub over the Marion EMS site. Osceola County commissioners, by a split vote, have decided to spend up to $500,000 to upgrade the existing EMS facility in the Village of Marion. Four townships in northwestern Osceola county plan to bring legal action against the County for that decision. The disgruntled townships feel their concerns and issues are being ignored- namely that a facility needs to be more centrally located to serve them, than the Village of Marion.

Although it is probably true that response times to the northwest quadrant of the County are slow, and deserve to be better, it only makes sense financially to improve the Marion facility. I don’t understand why an ambulance couldn’t be mobile in the northwest quadrant- that is moving from location to location so they can respond quicker than if it was stuck in the Marion garage.

I also don’t understand why certain commissioners can’t be more civil to their fellow commissioners and others. I always say there is two sides to every story. It is important to hear both sides before making a decision. Some commissioners don’t seem to have the patience or the will to listen to others. It’s very difficult to govern with that attitude.