Mike’s Musings – Roof collapsing, walls caving in – my house is a mess

February 20, 2014

Why me? This wretched winter continues on an on, and now because of major snowfall after major snow fall, my house is caving in.

The frozen pipes, the truck not starting, and then getting stuck when it would start was bad enough. The heating bills that are double what they were last year have made any kind of budgeting impossible. But now we finally reach 32 degrees for the first time since early January, and the snow begins to melt, and now I have a rain storm that won’t quit in my house.

I was worried it might happen. I did my duty and climbed on top of the roof and shoveled snow off on several occasions. You could see me taking my own life into my hands, climbing the slippery ladder, hoisting myself onto the sloped and snow-covered roof, in -25 degree weather, brooming the snow off the roof.  I threw a couple of pails of those circular ice melt do-hickeys they advertise on television. Guess what, the snow kept coming and the ice never melted.

Earlier this week we hired a crew to get on the roof and try to break up some the ice. Toting blow torches they did what they could to bust through the foot-thick ice that lined our eavestroughs. It however didn’t stop the monsoon that was happening inside the home.

I’m not talking one leak, or two, or three, but a total of six buckets were being used to catch the water coming from various roof destinations. And of course that was not getting the leaks that were traveling down the walls making for mushy drywall that will soon turn to mold if we don’t do something about it.

Now, mind you, this isn’t the first winter, we’ve spent in the house. We’ve actually resided at the same residence for the past four years, and essentially, have never had a problem. The previous owner actually told us she had had a portion of the roof re-done about six years ago. When we asked her who did it and was it guaranteed she conveniently had forgotten which company had done the work.

Please, please Mr. Insurance Adjustor, come see us soon. Living like this is not fun. We slip and slide on our way to the bathroom. Our bedroom walls are beginning to buckle. Light fixtures are leaking water. And I fear the worst is yet to come. We might be one of the first families to have their entire house cave-in because of this wretched winter. Wouldn’t that make a great story?

This isn’t my first go around with leaky roofs. While living in Florida a hurricane whipped through the neighborhood tearing up all the roofs. We were somewhat lucky in that the damage was isolated to one area. If you’ve ever experienced a hurricane (and this writer has been through two) the rain bursts from the clouds for not seconds or minutes but literally hours. This storm lasted between 12-16 hours, and pelted our poor house with so much rain our pool overflowed.

But that was then and somewhat expected in Florida. Here, never in my wildest dreams did I expect so much snow and so much ice. And then to have it seep through my roof in so many places, what the heck? Egads, did I tell you I hate Michigan winters?

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