A tale of two brothers

June 20, 2019

Mike Wilcox Editor/Publisher

I went to the eye doctor yesterday. I don’t know if it’s another sign of getting old or simply an exercise to keep peace with the wife who claims I can’t see or hear most things.

After a ten minute scolding from the doctor my eyes were proclaimed “excellent” for someone of my age. The lecture on proper eye care was precipitated by the questionnaire I was told to fiil out on which I revealed I had never been to an eye doctor.

I told “doc” not to feel slighted. I hadn’t been to a family physician or a health specialist of any kind either. Sorry I apologetically told her, but I don’t believe in getting wrapped up in the medical system unless I absolutely had to. I don’t see doctors of any kind or take pills, not even vitamins. That’s just me.

I would prefer to believe in the power of positive thinking and prayer when it comes to health. A case in point might be my brother-in-law. He was told four months ago he had Stage 4 cancer and would die sooner than later. Today he is cancer-free. Yes he took prescription medicine. Yes he endured chemotherapy, but four months later you wouldn’t know he had been saddled with that diagnosis.

We, the family, all attribute his miraculous recovery to positive thinking and prayer. His positive demeanor in the face of death encouraged us all. Normally boisterous, he lights up a room with his friendliness and laughter. I’m certainly not saying, his cancer won’t return. It very well might. But you will never see my brother-in-law lying in bed, bemoaning his fate, and waiting to die.

On the other hand, I have a second brother-in-law who seems to be doing just that. It’s been over a year now, and he spends each day lying in bed, proclaiming he hurts too much, and can’t make it out without help to his walker. He has been to a myriad of doctors and specialists, including the Mayo Clinic, but no medical professional can provide a diagnosis that is acceptable to him.

At age 55 or so, he literally is on his death bed. His muscles have deteriorated to the point that he is helpless physically. Once a vibrant, very active individual now has taken up residence in his bedroom where he grieves because no one understands his pain, and medical professionals have no answers.

His pain, real or not, has caused family upheaval. My sister travels over an hour to a second job so that they can afford their rising medical costs. While at work she has an in-home nurse there to take care of my brother-in-law’s needs. I hope they find help soon. My sister, the rock that she is, can only deal with so much.

I hope and pray, he finds the power of positive thinking. Sometimes, particularly in situations like this, positivity and prayer trump medical care. Pain has a way of engulfing those that think “negatively.” It permeates our being, and no matter how many doctors we see, or how many pills we take, it rarely leaves until It has damaged us physically and mentally.

But if we fight pain with positive thoughts and a healthy dose of prayer, in many cases it will subside. So I say to my brother-in-law and others who are suffering, there is an alternative to pill-popping. Do not succumb to pain. Do not let it drive you to the bed. You can beat pain, disease or whatever else might be driving your doldrums through positive thoughts and prayer.

Give it a try. It works for me. It works for my terminally ill brother-in-law. AND it will work for you.

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