All she wants for Christmas is to be cancer-free

December 7, 2017

During this holiday season many of us will be looking for that large and expensive gift  under the Christmas tree. We might be hoping for the new Xbox, shiny

Mike Wilcox Editor/Publisher

Mike Wilcox

jewelry or even a new Buick in the driveway.

Gifts are nice and make us happy for the moment, but at my age, I pray and wish for something else non-material- it is called happiness and good health. I have been blessed with both, as well as family and friends to share it with.

I draw my inspiration from many, but one person in particular helps me go the extra mile. That person happens to work at our Clare office as our production/graphics manager. Her name is Sherry.

I know of no one stronger. I know of no one happier. Many of you know her for the work she does for the newspaper. Others know her as Mrs. 4-H, where she is involved voluntarily in nearly every aspect of that fine program. Heck, when we needed someone to deliver newspapers, she was the first to volunteer for the job, and each Friday morning, she and her husband are at the office at 4 a.m. to meet the printer and load their vehicle with the week’s latest edition.

Many of you don’t know that she is dealing with her second round of cancer.

Two years ago she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. After many rounds of radiation and Chemo, she was pronounced cancer-free.

I wrote back then about her strong demeanor. She didn’t let it get her down. She knew she would beat it, and didn’t let anyone feel sorry for her. She lived life normally, continuing her active role at work and with charities. Heck I recall only a couple of days during that time span she asked for time off. She truly was the definition of a trooper.

Now the cancer is back- this time it was found in a kidney. But again it doesn’t seem to affect Sherry. She continues her daily work routine without pause.
She continues to have that permanent smile on her face and the determination inside to beat it again.

In some of our newspapers we ask for disadvantaged readers to write in and tell us how we can help them for Christmas.  Sherry decided to write in. This is what she wrote:

“I would like you to consider making wishes come true on my behalf for many other cancer patients. I would like you to make donations to Cancer Services of Clare, Gladwin and Midland County….My only request is that if you do make a donation to any organization involved with cancer, please let me know with a note or card telling me so. It will give me much encouragement as I continue my own journey.”

So for those of us that are fortunate to have good health, happiness and extra money in our pockets, let’s grant Sherry her wish.

Send a few bucks off to the cancer organization of your choice. It’s the least one can do for this kind, selfless woman.

You can write Sherry Landon, at the Clare County Review, 105 W. Fourth St., Clare, Mi. 48617.

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