Eliminate insane pork barrel projects

March 23, 2017

Mike Wilcox Editor/Publisher

Mike Wilcox

President Donald Trump has vowed to cut government expenses. In his first 100 days he has suggested several departmental cuts that have unnerved a backlash amongst many liberal leaning groups. I’m of the opinion if Trump and his gang were to eliminate most of the pork barrel projects that Congress has approved over the years there would be plenty of dollars to be utilized for actual useful purposes.

“Wastebook Porkemon Go” is a book/manual authored by Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. It details dozens of pork barrel projects, that if eliminated would free up billions of dollars. Here’s a short list:

Spaceport to Nowhere. This I found on several “wasteful spending lists.” Apparently there is a space launch pad in Alaska has sat empty for 20 years. It was originally built for $18 million but since then another $80.4 million has been allocated for the useless structure. I say useless because only one rocket has ever been launched from the site and that launch was a labeled a disaster when the rocket disintegrated upon liftoff.

California Bullet Train. The bullet train, projected cost over $100 billion, was suppose to allow passengers to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than two hours. It was to originally be completed in 2017. That date was pushed back to 2022, but most feel the project will never be completed. It is the largest public boondoggle known to man- a total waste of taxpayers’ dollars.

Airport without Passengers- Much like the Spaceport to Nowhere, there is a tiny airport near Chicago’s O’Hare that has been funded to the tune of $200 million, yet has very few passengers. Called MidAmerica Airport, only Allegiant Airlines flies to and from the location, and they only are responsible for sixteen flights a week from the money pit. Strangely enough public monies still flow to the airport despite heavy losses and the director getting a significant bonus each and every year.

Of course there are a whole myriad of federal funds targeted for studies of various useless things. One of my favorites is the Couch Potato Computer. That’s right, the feds proportioned nearly a half million dollars for researchers to set computers in front of televisions to watch soap operas and sitcoms. By forcing the computers to watch over 1000 hours of TV, researchers hoped it would teach computers how to understand and predict human behavior. Needless to say it didn’t work.

One of the most laughable pork barrel projects was the $35,000 commissioned to build a giant glow in the dark doobie. Where else but Denver is the location of the giant marijuana joint that was actually built as an advertisement to warn drivers to not drive while high. Others however, see it as a free advertisement for the half dozen or so marijuana retail stores that are within one mile of the giant doobie.

If we really want to get serious about saving money, Cong. Bill Posey suggests we take a long look at the dispensation of food stamps. Fraud, he says, runs rampant to the tune of $16 billion a year. That amount he says is what is paid in duplicate to some people authorized to receive food stamps as well as food stamp monies paid to dead people.

Dead Hologram Comedians- Unbelievably, the National Comedy Center in New York received a $1.7 million grant to build a museum that’s sole purpose is to resurrect dead comedians as holograms. Now the idea of allowing patrons to zoom back in time to see performances of now dead comedians might be good entertainment, but why or why, are taxpayers paying for it?

Barbie Dolls- Guess what? Girls spend more time playing with Barbie dolls than boys. We gave Vanderbilt University $300,000 to make this determination. That’s right. After blowing through the $300k they announced to the world that girls use Barbie dolls more than boys. Are you kidding me?

I could go on and on, presenting case after case of wasteful spending by those who decide where our tax money should go. Trump and others in positions of power would do well to eliminate such craziness and utilize the monies for useful purposes.

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