Experts tell us what to expect in 2016

December 30, 2015

Mike Wilcox

Mike Wilcox

I thought I would share the following “Educated Guesses for 2016”, predictions from faculty experts (?) at a well-known institution of higher learning:

In 2016 Trump will make a run but Clinton will be our next president. Donald Trump will make a strong run but the Republican establishment will rally around Marco Rubio, and he will ultimately become the Republican nominee. However, none of this will matter, because Hillary Clinton will easily be elected in November. EDITORS THOUGHTS: I agree Trump will not win nomination. Also agree Hillary Clinton will be our next president. Do not agree that Rubio will be nominee. My guess would be Cruz.

Being pushed commercially by such companies as Amazon, Google and Wal-Mart, delivery by small, unmanned air vehicles, known as drones, will no longer be fantasy, but reality in 2016. Regulations will be formalized and testing moves to restricted outdoor areas. Santa’s job security for 2016 is probably safe, but in 2017, he will have competition. EDITOR THOUGHTS: Are you kidding me? Delivery drones in 2016? If our government will allow such nonsense, it’s not going to happen for at least another five years.

Most states will move toward more gambling-friendly stances regarding sports betting and various types of fantasy play by 2016’s end. Despite concerns about the rise of daily fantasy sports, states likely will be on the side of loosening restriction rather than drafting new ones. EDITOR’S THOUGHTS: I actually see the opposite happening. I see the feds, backed by professional sports teams, increasing the regulations placed on fantasy sports betting.

GOP will retain control of the House and Senate in the 2016 Congressional elections, as national security concerns, continued effects of the 2010 redistricting, and relatively low turnout will thwart any chance of a Democratic Congressional comeback. EDITOR’S THOUGHTS: I totally agree. Although I haven’t been impressed with the GOP’s congressional leadership in the last couple of years, there is no chance they will lose the House or Senate.

Cyber attacks worldwide will increase in 2016 as internet connectivity rates grow. We will also see continued cyber-related legislation developed and discussed due to the terrorist related events of 2015. EDITOR’S THOUGHTS: No comment. This is a given.

The fast-food industry will continue its transformation in 2016 to more of a “fast casual,” atmosphere with improving food quality and increasing “build your own” combo formats. The formal restaurant scene will see an emphasis on more authentic ethnic cuisine. EDITOR’S THOUGHTS: This is not a new trend. Of course it will continue.

Foreign policy and terrorism will not (what?) be significant issues in the 2016 presidential election. While politicians try to make foreign policy relevant, the average American is almost never affected by most foreign conflicts, and other issues end up mattering more. This is even true for international terrorism. EDITOR’S THOUGHTS: What a crock. Foreign policy, and particularly terrorism will continue to drive the presidential election, particularly through the primaries. I find it offensive that this so-called faculty expert doesn’t see terrorism as a major issue.

Solar, wind, renewables and, perhaps most importantly, energy efficiency will play increasingly major roles moving forward. The price of oil and natural gas will continue to remain at lower levels in 2016. EDITOR’S THOUGHTS. No one’s going out on a limb, here. I agree that these trends will continue.
Here’s hoping each and every one of year have a terrific 2016. Please be safe if out and about on New Year’s Eve.

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