Feds tell me to prove I’m a citizen

June 20, 2014

Mike Wilcox

Mike Wilcox

Man, I hate how government can muck up the simplest things. I got an official letter the other day, demanding that I prove I’m an American citizen. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. In my lifetime I’ve probably paid the feds a half million dollars in income tax. I’ve had a social security number since I was 10. And I’ve voted in nearly every election, not to mention I’ve had a driver’s license for nearly 40 years.
In order, however, to take advantage of the great deals Obamacare has to offer, you have to be an American citizen, and I guess there is no proof that I am.

Okay I admit, I went back on my word. I wrote last year that I would never buy in to Obama Care. Well, after my individual insurance plan was cancelled and my wife had several health issues, I decided to knock on Obama’s healthcare door. We actually purchased a decent plan for about the same money I was paying for my other plan.

But now it’s in jeopardy because the taxes I’ve paid, the politicians I’ve voted for, or the driver’s license I possess do not provide the proof necessary for the federal government to determine I am a citizen.. Here’s a list of some of the items that do provide proof:
-a tribal enrollment card
-A certificate of degree of Indian blood
Or any two of the following:
-U.S. citizen ID card
-Northern Mariana card
-Religious record showing U.S. place of birth
-Federal or state census record showing U.S. citizenship

-a divorce decree, property deeds or titles, or marriage certificate
Can our government be any more ridiculous? Why wouldn’t a social security card or driver’s license suffice? How about a voter’s registration card? How about, federal government, looking through your vast storage of documents, and identifying that I am indeed a citizen, before sending out such a ridiculous demand?

I guess we will see what happens. The demand letter says I must provide them documentation within 30 days or I will lose my health insurance policy. Oh well I guess I’ll be shopping for health insurance again. What a mess our federal bureaucracy has made.
Unfortunately some of that mess has filtered down to the state level as well. Here’s a great example. We’ve received a couple of very official looking letters from the State Police Criminal Justice Center in the last week. Looking at them made me very concerned. When I opened the first one up and began to read I realized it concerned a request we made for a picture of a two-car collision in Leroy.

I thought it was very unusual for the state cop to tell us to file a written request. Usually, or should I say always, the Sheriff’s Department and State Police share information and photos with us all the time. This officer wasn’t about to be cooperative, and told us to email his superiors.
Well three weeks later mind you, we get this official letter asking us to fill out a bunch of information so that they could determine whether to fulfill our request or not. Being a newspaper that had already published the story weeks ago, we got a chuckle from their lack of timeliness.
Two days later we got a second letter denying our request. That denial provided an even larger chuckle. We ask for a simple picture- one that is ALWAYS provided by local cops, and the State Police determine three weeks later we can’t have it.

Again, bureaucracy at its worst. It took someone a couple of hours to type the two letters and to mail them off. It took someone time to determine whether we had a valid request or not, when a simple return email saying yay or nay would have sufficed.
Government at the federal and state levels is a mess. Common sense rarely prevails. It’s a shame ordinary citizens have to put up with so many levels of incompetence.

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