Mike’s Musings- Clare girls deserve accolades, Bloomberg disdain

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor

Well done, Clare Girls’ Basketball Team. They finished the season on Tuesday night, only two points short of the Class B semi-finals. Only their second loss of the season it was heartbreaker, 58-57. Clare was ahead most of the game- even up by 10 entering the fourth quarter, but somehow, Midland Bullock Creek was able take the lead when it counted, and now will march on to face Flint Powers.

Clare accomplished what no other Jack Pine team has done- going all the way to the state quarterfinals. They weren’t big as far as basketball teams go. The weren’t super-talented, although Lindsay Winter will probably be named to the All-State team. What they were was a team with a capital T. They all could score and they all hustled making up for their lack of size.

They remind me of the McBain boys team of a few year’s ago. McBain is always known for great basketball teams, but a few year’s ago, they were exceptional, going all the way to the state finals before bowing to Stevensville-Lakeshore. Clare had the same traits- enormous hearts and lots of hustle.

It is truly a stroke of bad luck that they ended up as a “B” team this year. In the past Clare has always been “C”, but the MHSAA shuffled the deck, so to speak, to even out the classes and Clare became a small “B”.

If they had remained “C”, I have no doubt we would be writing about their exploits in the state finals this weekend. The teams left in that class are Manchester, Riverview Richard, Houghton and Saginaw Nouvel. The class of this field,  Nouvel provided Clare with their first loss, but it was a tough fought game, and I am sure Clare would beat them if they played a second time. I’m thinking Clare was robbed of a state title by becoming a “B” team.

SPEAKING OF ROBBERS…..New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t quite get away with robbing residents of his city of another freedom. Bloomberg made it law banning fast food joints and party stores from selling any soft drink over 16 ounces. His logic? Too many of our children are dying from obesity partially caused by drinking soft drinks in large containers.

Thank God the courts stepped in and told Bloomberg to take a hike. The judge said Bloomberg’s decree was “arbitrary and capricious because it applies to some but not all food establishments in the city and it excludes other beverages that have significantly higher concentrations of suger sweeteners….”

The plaintiffs argued Bloomberg had overreached and ignored the rights of citizens to make their own choices. The plan, they said, was grossly unfair to small businesses such as street-food vendors and pizzerias because grocery stores could still sell the larger sizes.

In time, I’m sure, Bloomberg and his cronies will eventually get their 16 ounce limit passed and eventually it will become law in Michigan as well. We will no longer be able to enjoy a 20 ounce Slurpy, Pepsi or Mountain Dew. Soon the health nuts will ban cups of coffee over 16 ounces and so on and so on.

I guess I would consider this another nail in the proverbial civil liberties coffin. I won’t be around to witness it, but I wonder what I society will be like 100 years from now? I’m afraid our descendants won’t be able to do anything without the consent of Big Brother.

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